All you need is laud, laud is all you need

As I said on my last post Maitreya has a new collection, I went to the store as soon as I knew it and I got a bunch of stuff including the new laud boots that are so worth to buy and it has to be in every single inventory.

The Laud boots come with the Maitreya feet included which has an online skin database which is really easy to use to get a perfect match with your skin. This boots also come with the option for slink high feet and the hud lets you change the color of the outsole and the heel.

On the other hand Maitreya gave as a gift to all the Vip group members a pair of leather leg warmers in every single color that you can imagine and you can change that with the hud that comes with them. The group join fee is 0L and you get exclusive gifts for free as the leg warmers or you can get specific products for a discounted price and for a limited time, so I think it is mandatory to have it as we all know Maitreya is one of the best brand in SL.

The pose fair opened its doors this weekend, you can find every single pose you can imagine by the best pose stores in SL, there are some great gifts too as the one I’m showing you today which is from !Bang

So what are you waiting… Go shopping!

All you need is laud, laud is all you need

Dress: Dakota Dress by Maitreya – Onyx Leshelle
Leg warmers: Leather Legwarmers by Maitreya - Onyx Leshelle (Group Gift)
Boots: Laud boots by Maitreya - Onyx Leshelle
Pose: Shoetopia by !Bang – Luna Jubilee (Free) at the Pose Fair

Getting out of the cage

On my last post I told you I had a post about the new things offered on Collabor88. I know the new collection it’s been around for 2 weeks but anyway I wanted to show you some stuff from there.

Maitreya put out this beautiful dress I’m showing you, full of color and flowers and Ane is offering this really nice strappy sandals for Slink medium feet in various colors too.

Last week Exile released three new hair styles as always really nice and well done, no wonder the brand is so famous. One of the things I love most about Exile is not just only the hair of course but that you get store credit every time you buy. I got about three hairs for free because of that, so it is a pretty good deal buying there, ’cause you are not only buying quality but also they have a great customer service.

Lets go back to Maitreya. You’ve probably seen they release a new collection which includes the now famous Laud Boots, which includes a pair of boots for Slink high feet and boots with Maitreya feet that comes with an online skin database that is really easy to use. I’m not gonna talk about that much about it as Strawberry Singh did as always a fabulous post about this new online skin database that you can check it here. Finally, Maitreya has sent as a gift to everyone in the VIP Group a pair of leg warmers which fit perfectly with the Laud Boots. I suggest you go to Maitreya and get crazy shopping, there are a lot of really beautiful new stuff.

Getting out of the cage

Hair: Pick up lines by Exile - Kavar Cleanslate
Skin: Brandy in America tone by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Dress: Wrap Dress by Maitreya – Onyx Leshelle at Collabor88
Sandals: Strappy Sandals by Ane – Anemysk Karu at Collabor88

You are my blue

The Season Story has so many nice things that one post is not enough, I mean not even two are enough to show all the nice things it has.

For this post I choose this pretty sky blue skirt and blouse from C’est la Vie but you can buy it in other colors, I must admit I love this outfit, Larcoco made a great job doing them. So I was wearing a dollish outfit so nothing better than wear dollish shoes, and there they were this cute shoes for slink medium feet from Boom, of course I chose sky blue. To complement the outfit I went to the gatcha Zenith has available and I was really lucky to get the blue earth stone egg necklace I wanted. On my last post I talked you about my cute pin wheel poses by Kirin Poses and I think I told you that you can use them with or without the pin wheel, I like those poses so much that I used them again for this picture.

You are my blue

Blouse: Frill Blouse by C’est La Vie – Larcoco Mathy at The Season Story
Skirt: Elley Skirt by C’est La Vie – Larcoco Matty at The Season Story
Socks: Bow Seam Socks Pastels by Cannibelle – Annabelle Couturier
Shoes: Bo Beep Platforms by Boom – Aranelle Ah at The Season Story
Pose: My Cute Pinwheel by Kirin Poses – Carolina Sautereau at The Season Story

I haven’t post anything yet from the new round at Collabor88 even though I get to go there the first day. I actually do have a post about it I promise lol.

On Collabor88 Tableau Vivant has available two new hair styles, the one I’m showing you today is the Springflower Hair, it has this really cute flower headband that you can change its color using the hud. But that’s not all, Glam Affair released this beautiful petal eyelashes in different colors, they complement every spring outfit you can imagine.

You are my blue

Skin: Brandy America Tone by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Cutie Moon Fair
Hair: Springflower Hair by Tableau Vivant – M4rilyn Magic at Collabor88
Necklace: Deep Blue Earth Stone Egg Necklace by Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at The Season Story

Wide open spaces

New weekend new events!

I’ll start saying I love the new round of The Season Story, there are lots of cute things to buy and they are so.. how do I say it? Spring! Btw I love spring, that’s why I kinda love my city, it’s always spring here.

So today I’m showing you some of the stuff available at The Season Story. First of all let me talk you about this beautiful hair from Truth, it comes with 4 different colors of flowers: pink, white, blue and purple to be more precise. Then we have this kind of western nice dress with brown belt from Zenith. Last but not least after I had my outfit done for this picture I either wanted be holding a flower or something and guess what, I found this nice pin wheel with poses from Kirin Poses, it was just perfect for what I wanted, it comes in different colors so you can match it with the outfit or the scene you need to show.

I wanted to take a western picture so I went through my fav pics from flickr and I saw this ranch type of sim shown by Kaelyn Alecto. So there I was crashing and reloging trying to get a good pic over this really beautiful sim. Here is the Slurl:

Don’t forget to go to The Season Story, don’t care about how much lindens you will spend and have fun shopping.

Wide open spaces

Hair: Fleur by Truth – Truth Hawks at The Season Story
Dress: Denim Lace Dress – Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at The Season Story
Boots: Dandy Boots by Miel - Miel Nirvana
Pose: My cute pinwheel by Kirin Poses – Carolina Sautereau at The Season Story

Spring how much I missed you

So here I am to show you some other goodies I found at Fameshed \o/

Today I’m wearing this nice denim jacket by Coquet, it comes with different sleeve colors and you can wear it with the Bohemian Chevron Dress available at Fameshed too.

So fitted mesh is available now and LaRoo has made this beautiful boots on fitted mesh, it is pretty cool to play with the sliders while you edit your appearance and see how clothing grows or shrinks.

The hair is from Milk for this month round of Fameshed, what I can say about it? Well, I love the hair so you should go buy it.

Spring how much I missed you

Hair: Girl about town by Milk – Kattington at Fameshed
Jacket: Mesh denim jacket by Coquet – Tabitha Marquez at Fameshed
Necklace: Isis Solar Magic by Maxi Gossamer – Maxi Gossamer

That wasn’t it. I need to talk to you about the new mesh bootie available. It’s made by Banned and there are three different types:
1. Big bootie
2. Mesh bootie + add-ons
3. Mesh bootie

Both the big bootie and the mesh bootie + add ons come with different leg length so it is easier when you need to wear boots. All of them come with different type of appliers so you can change it with your fav clothes or skin applier. The three different versions available come with thin and thicker legs. As it is a new product some brands don’t have Banned appliers yet, but I assure you it is really easy to make the appliers with the ones you already got for Phat Azz or Cute Azz. You just have to follow the tutorial and you’ll be ready to use it (you can find the tutorial clicking here).

I’ve tried all the mesh booties available in Second Life and I must tell you that I really liked the Banned bootie. And for all of you that want even thinner legs there will be available soon a new bootie with that feature. On the other hand if you are worried about the appliers don’t be as I told you is really easy to make the appliers using the ones you already have and I’ve seen some stores that are doing Banned bootie appliers already.

Spring how much I missed you

Bootie: Mesh bootie + add ons by Banned – Leanii
Boots: Shotgun Boots by LaRoo at Fameshed
Pants: Skinny denim jeans by Vivi’s – Vixtris
Bracelets: Sitennoah by Mandala – kikunosuke Eel

The pictures were taken at the All starts with a smile sim. It became my favorite place, it’s just simply beautiful, every single place and every single detail are well done. You should go visit it, here is the Slurl:

My life in black

So most of you probably went already to the new monthly round of Fameshed, but anyways I wanted to show you some stuff I found there.

This shirt from Zenith is just great! You can find in different colors but for today I wanted it on black. On the other hand Tableau Vivant just released this beautiful hair for Fameshed it comes in three different sizes and a resize script so you can fit it on your head perfectly, and the best of all it comes in male and female version.

I can’t imagine myself without shoes so I wear with this amazing gladiators sandals for Slink medium feet from Ison and yes we girls love jewelry and I couldn’t resist myself not wearing it either so I use the Sitennoah set in black from Mandala to complement the outfit.

Life in black

Hair: Valentin Hair by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at Fameshed
Shirt: Chiffon Shirt with belt by Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at Fameshed
Sandals: Lace-Up Gladiator Sandals by Ison – Harry Hyx
Bracelets: Sitennoah by Mandala – kikunosuke Eel


So I was felling a little bit sexy the other day and I decided to go shopping for new lingerie, but I found out Ashmoot was giving away this beautiful lingerie set as a group gift. For all of you that are into implants, this lingerie set comes with Lolas Tango appliers.

On the other hand I always asked myself how people do a picture with their hair falling down, so I went to different stores and found this amazing hair from Argrace that comes also with poses to get the perfect picture with it. Probably you have it or seen it already but I wanted so bad to show you anyways.


Hair: Saki by Argrace – Rika Oyen
Lingerie Set: Dolly Lingerie by Ashmoot – Kristabel Ashmoot
Pose: From Saki by Argrace – Rika Oyen

Slink Mesh Head and Izzie’s Appliers

Mesh body attachments have been out in the grid for a long time already, we started with new feet, then hands, then lolas, then heads, then booties and I’ve seen a few mesh full bodies too. With all the body attachments came also the famous appliers, pretty much most of the skin brands have them on sale and now you just don’t buy the skin but  all the appliers available too, at least I do that.

But today I’m gonna talk you about the mesh heads. When one of the first mesh head was released, I bought it and I stop using it ‘cause I saw pretty much everyone using it and I didn’t found it fun to look like everyone else.

Most of you have noticed that Slink released two models of mesh heads, especially those of you that went to the Skin Fair. Becca and Emmy are the new mesh heads out on the market. I must admit I was not sure to buy them after my first experience with mesh heads, but I saw some designers released the applier and I tried the demo and I ended up buying it.

The face expression hud that comes with the head is just amazing, specially when you like to take pictures and give them a little bit of emotion.  I actually blogged the mesh head for the first time on my last post and I can tell you that taking pictures winking, smiling or surprinsing was really fun.

A few days ago I saw that Izzie Button from Izzie’s released the skin applier for the Slink mesh head. I saw that I could change most of the makeup, eyebrows, hair base and that was it, I fell in love with Slink’s mesh head. Here is the image of the hud so you can get the idea of what you can do with them. Just keep in mind that the makeup applier will only work if you already have the skin applier. (Thank you Izzie for letting me use the hud images)

Izzie's Slink Head Skin Applier

Izzie’s Slink Head Skin Applier

So today I’m showing you some of the face expressions of the mesh head and of course some of the different combinations you can do with Izzie’s Slink head applier. I’m also showing you the Slink French nail applier, a new jewelry set and new face and hands poses from Izzie’s. All of them are worth buying. ;)

Slink Mesh Head and Izzie’s Appliers

The left image is to show you how Izzie`s Slink mesh head applier looks like without make up. In the other ones I’m using the different options that the makeup hud has.

Slink Mesh Head and Izzie’s Appliers

Hair: Gloster Hair by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at The Deck
Hands: Point and Elegant hand by Slink – Siddeane Munro
Eyes: Promise Eyes by Ikon – Ikon Innovia
Head: Slink Visage Mesh Head by Slink - Siddeane Munro
Head Applier: Slink Visage Head Applier Maci by Izzie’s – Izzie Button
Makeup: Slink Visage Make-Up Applier Maci by Izzie’s - Izzie Button
Jewelry Set: Butterfly Jewelry Set Creme by Izzie’s – Izzie Button
Nails: Slink French Nails Applier Hud by Izzie’s - Izzie Button
Poses: Head & Hands Poses by Izzie’s – Izzie Button

Let’s Groove – Dancing Blog Meme

So it’s my first time doing a meme proposed by Strawberry Singh and it was just the right one ’cause I love music and dancing. I actually dance salsa on a professional way about two years ago in RL.

But, I’m not showing you my salsa moved in SL, instead I’m showing you what I think it’s one the funnest rhythms from one of the best decades, the 70′s and that rhythm is Disco!

If you want to do this meme too, just follow the rules posted on Strawberry Singh’s web page here.

So here we go…

1. Which dance are you sharing in the image/video and where is it from? - I’m dancing the Ayane number 13 from Humanoid. I found it really cool and it kinda matched the song.

2. Which is your favorite dance in Second Life? - Besides the one I’m showing you, I think it will be the November 2013 group gift from MyAnimation

3. What are your favorite dance animation stores in Second Life? - I really like Humanoid, Akeyo, MyAnimation and Vista.

4. Are you a frequent dancer in Second Life? - I am. When I get bored in SL I usually go to latin clubs. I’m always looking for new places to go and enjoy music and meet new people.

5. Are you a frequent dancer in the real world? - I am. As I said before I dance salsa professionally. Sadly I can’t do that right now because of work and university, but I’m starting dancing again in a couple of months. Even though I love to dance I’m not a club person in RL, I rather go to a bar have a drink and enjoy good music.

Let's Groove

Hair: Shine by Magika – Sabina Gully
Head: Slink Visage Head Becky by Slink – Siddean Munro
Head Skin Applier: Slink Visage Applier Romy 2 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Skin Fair
Hands: Victory by Slink - Siddean Munro
Shirt: Tetroz Tank by Lacuna – Lacunainc at The Deck
Skirt: Tetroz Maxi Skirt by Lacuna – Lacunainc at The Deck
Bangles: Sugar Candy by Maxi Gossamer – Maxi Gossamer

Pin Ups love Mustangs

I was bored today so I was wondering over the internet to learn new techniques on Photoshop. What I love about this program is that you’re not only able to edit pictures but to draw and create stuff like you do on Illustrator.

So I found this cool tutorial to do a background, but after I finished I came up with the idea of putting myself on it and wear a nice pin-up outfit from Has Been and complemented with this beautiful hair from Tableau Vivant both found at The Deck.

But shoes are always needed right? So I get the 2 for 1 offer for the March version of the 21 show that Hucci was offering . I’m so sorry to tell you that they are not available anymore as they were an exclusive only for that day. Anyways remember that every 21st day of every month you can pick up exclusive shoes from different designers but only for that day. If you want to keep updated just join the inworld group or visit their website.

Link to the group: secondlife:///app/group/307682c9-0315-d379-6cff-fd6bb560ad80/about (copy the link on the local chat and click on it, the group profile will show up)


Hair: Gloster Hair by Tableau Vivant (M4ri1yn Magic) at The Deck
Outfit: Pinup Playsuit by Has Been (Terrie Dreadlow) at The Deck
Shoes: Talasea Sandals by Hucci (Eboni Kahn) for 21Shoe (not available anymore)