Now.. Where do I pack my shoes?

Now... Where do I pack my shoes?

Hello beauties! The holidays are around the corner and most of us are planning on traveling to visit family or friends, I actually I’m planning on going to visit my best friend for New Year’s Eve, so I might be off SL for about 5 days at that time, but I’m not sure yet.

Anyway, one of the hardest things to pack when I travel is packing shoes, even though I’ve learned over the years some ways to pack them so they don’t occupy too much space, I always have some issues and you know shoes are very important for a girl so it’s hard even to pick the ones you’re taking with you.

Essenz has been releasing really nice shoes for fairs and events and today I wanted to show you most of them. Moscow and Brisbane are available at mainstore and both are in 6 separate colors, both for Slink mid Feet. Chicago is available at the Winter Trend Fair that ends today, it’s available also in 6 separate colors and it’s for Slink mid feet. Oslo and Brooklyn are available at the Frost Fair, Brooklyn is part of a gacha and you can get it in 6 different colors, as for Oslo come also for sale in 6 different colors, both are made for Slnk mid feet. Montreal is at L’Accessoires in 6 separate colors and they are for Slink mid feet.


I’m wearing: 

Skin: Amberly II 06 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Kustom9
Hair: Taylor (Bangs) by Entwined – VivienMarli at Shiny Shaby Winter Market
Dress: Soho strapped dress by Haste – Auston Harbour at The Liaison Collaborative
Shoes: Alma by Elysium – Aleida Rhode at L’Accessoires


House: Elmswood cottage by Convair – Tobias Convair at Fameshed
Livingroom set: Lucile Set by Cheeky Pea – Isla Gealach at Fameshed
Frame: Now! by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga (Gacha prize)
Ready to travel by Tres Blah – Julliette Westerburg (Gacha prize)
Books by Tres Blah - Julliette Westerburg (Gacha prize)
Clock Radio by Tres Blah – Julliette Westerburg (Gacha prize)
Stacked suitcases by Tres Blah – Julliette Westerburg (Gacha prize)
Suitcase clutter by Tres Blah – Julliette Westerburg (Gacha prize – Rare)
Portable vanity by Tarte – Alessandra Ambrosio at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize – Rare)
Cushions: Paris, Birdy and Chat by Erratic – Erratic Rain At The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Monorammed keepsake box by Alouette – Scarlet Chandrayaan at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)

Ride with me


Hello beauties! I’ve been a little lost this days specially with my blog as I’ve been having a lot of RL things to do, you know how is on these days. But I’m back, and today I wanted to show you some more stuff available at Fameshed, there are so much pretty things that it will be hard for me not to show you, so if you haven’t gone there yet… what are you waiting for? Go, go, go :P

Also a new round of Kustom9 just started on monday and Glam Affair released a new version of AmberlyII in 15 different makeups only on America tone, as always with each makeup you’ll get 7 different eyebrow colors and a no brow option, you’ll also get 5 different suggested eyebrow shapes.



I’m wearing: 

Skin: Amberly II 01 by Glam Affair at Kustom9
Hair: Habit by Soonsiki – Kattington at Fameshed
Jacket: Lauren mesh leather jacket by Rebel Hope at Fameshed
Jeans: Ripped skinny jeans by Emery – Sunami Beck at Fameshed
Boots: Vancouver by Essenz – Senzati0n Domenitzo at Winter Trend Fair
Bag: Vilencia by Reign – KenadeeCole at Uber

Bike: Supah bikes + not the things by Xin – Superjaix at TMD (Gacha prize)

But that’s not it, Glam Affair also released for Kustom9 this beautiful necklace called Nebraska you see on the picture below, it’s available in 5 different colors.


I’m wearing:

Skin: Amberly II 04 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Kustom9
Hair: Waiting on you by Lamb – Lamb Belic at Collabor88
Necklace: Nebraska by Glam Affair – Amberly Boccaccio at Kustom9

The model and the blogger

The Model and the Blogger

Hello beauties! I share the “camera” today with a great spanish girl I just met a couple months ago, She is Locuala Madruga and she is one of the most prestigious models in SL, she is an instructor besides other academies for the Miss Virtual World organisation, she was Miss Virtual India and participated as model and jury in various modeling events and contests.

Why the tittle of my blog post? Of course, Locuala is a model and I’m a blogger but even we are in the fashion industry in SL our roles are different at least for me. There are different types of bloggers and of course different types of models, but for me on a blogger the picture is very important and for the model the runway is one of the most important things, you can get to see a blog post whenever you want, as for fashion shows they are always on a certain date and sometimes for only one time. There is also a huge difference on the styling, we bloggers do more of an everyday look and models tend to Mix&Match a lot, specially for Style contests or special occasions, except when they have to do a fashion show for a designer where they show the outfit just the way it is and without much accessories.

Some models tend to say that we bloggers present a basic styling and tend to edit the outfit while editing the pic, but for me what is important is to show a certain product in a way people gets interested on it and goes buy it, of course we use photoshop or other types of photo editing programs, but on my pictures I tend to show the outfit just the way it is, of course sometimes it’s different the way it will fit me than to others. Why do we edit pictures? Just because on a blogger the picture is the most important thing at least for me or then why designers when they look for bloggers one on the things they see on a blog is the quality of the picture?

Anyway even though there are a lot of differences between a Model and a Blogger, both are in the same industry, just showing things in a different way. By the way, this is only my opinion on the differences between a model and a blogger, I can be wrong as I say things the way I see them as I ever been a model or participated in a models class. So please don’t take me wrong, I’ve always admire a models work.

So, for this post I wear this beautiful dress from Dead Dollz that is available at the Winter Trend Fair in red, pink, blue and white. It has a beautiful stole and the back of the dress is amazing.

Check here to see what Locuala is wearing

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Sia II in Asia 02 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Chapter Four
Hair: Follower by Epoque – Vintage McMillan at The Fantasy Collective
Dress: Althea by Dead Dollz – Kiddo Oh at The Winter Trend Fair
Jewelry: Milky Way by Mandala – kikunosuke Eel

Snowy morning

Snowy morning

Hello beauties! Collabor88 opened on monday and I gotta say that I’m loving winter in SL this year ’cause there are so many pretty stuff and places. Actually winter and summer are my favourite seasons either your freezing or suffocating, ok I have to admit that I always go extreme. Anyways, today I want to show you some pretty stuff from Collator88, so lets start.

Glam Affair released a new tone called Polar for Collabor88 this month. There are two releases one is a new version of Sia II called Ice and the other is Amberly II. Sia II Ice comes is available in 3 different tones: Asia, India and Polar; each tone comes with four beautiful makeups and of course with each makeup there are 7 different brow colors, a no brow option and 4 suggested eyebrow shapes.


Amberly II is available in Asia, Jamaica and Polar, each tone in 8 pretty makeups, each one again have 7 different brow colors, a no brow option and 5 suggested eyebrow shapes. As I mentioned Polar is the new tone from Glam Affair, it’s a really nice pale tone but not as pale to become a fantasy tone, so you might give it a shot and if you get it, on the package you’ll get Slink hands and feet appliers too.

Do you see this cuttie hair I’m wearing on the skin pictures? Well this is the release from Tableau Vivant at Fameshed it’s available in each of the regular hair color packs, you can change the color of the had with the hud in 15 different color combinations.

Amberly-II---Asia Amberly-II--Jamaica Amberly-II---Polar

Do you have a friend you’ve felt very proud of? Well that’s my case when I have to talk about LouLou Teichman, I’ve always liked her poses but now she’s trying out new things and for this round of Collabor, Bauhaus Movement is one of the Guest Designers, I’m pretty excited about it. So she released that cute collar and umbrella you see on the main pic, there are also pretty cuffs available that I will show you in another post. All this items are available in 6 different colors, the umbrella comes with a pose and no pose version, there is also a new set of poses called My Belle.

I also wanted to talk to you about the shoes I’m wearing. They are the new release from Reign at Anybody, there are 5 different color available plus silver and gold, with each color you’ll get to choose to wear them in leather, suede or glitter and choose the color of the ribbon in 8 different colors.

Finally, the place. I’ve talked to you about The Veeper’s in several occasions, so I couldn’t miss the chance to tell you that in a couple of days it will be opened with their winter decoration. It’s getting very pretty so you might visit it and take some winter pictures there.

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Amberly II in Asia 07 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Snowdrift by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at Collabor88
Dress: Sweater dress by Foxes – Tyr Rozenblum at Collabor88
Collar: My belle by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman at Collabor88
Shoes: Mina V2 by Reign – KenadeeCole at Anybody
Umbrella: My belle by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman at Collabor88

Bunnies: Snow day bunnies by +Half Deer+ – Halogen Magic at Collabor88
Pose: My belle 04 by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman at Collabor88

Location: The Veeper’s

Cherry flowers

Cherry flowers

Hello Beauties! I wish you a wonderful week! As I said on a plurk from Kaelyn Alecto today, let’s enjoy so much the week that will look like it’s the weekend! \o/

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Sia II in Asia 01 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Chapter Four
Hair: The Jayme Hair by Olive – Naminaeko Resident at Uber
Headpiece: Winter Queenie by Glam Affair – Amberly Boccaccio at Fameshed

So today I wanted to show you this beautiful version of Sia from Glam Affair available at the 2×1 room from The Chapter Four. For the price of 1 you’ll get two makeups of each of the tones available which are: Artic, Asia, Europa, India, Jamaica and Pearl. My pretty headpiece is also from Glam Affair and its available in 6 different colors at Fameshed.  Below you can check all the makeups and tones available for Sia.


Hair: Taylor by Entwined at Shiny Shabby



On the picture above (btw I’m in the right) I’m wearing Belleza’s Venus mesh body with the newly released appliers from Glam Affair, sadly Belleza has been filed with a DMCA and the body is not available at the store anymore, I know they will counterfeit and I’m sure they will win, seriously this body is flawless, actually on my pic I didn’t even touch the body on PS, so hopefully will see it on sale soon. If you wanna read the press release from Belleza about this matter you can check it here.

So the other day I answered a model request from AnellyStone and I pose for her for this editorial pose which is available at Pose Me Amazing. We decided to wear one of the latest releases from Zibska called Penelope Deux, this nice bodysuit comes with the headpiece and a skirt and it’s available in three different colors at a new event organized by the great Natzuka Miliandrovic called Event@1st, which will be a monthly event.

I’m wearing:

Body: Belleza Venus Body by Belleza – Tricky Boucher (Not available for now)
Skin Applier: Asia for Venus by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Bodysuit and headpiece: Penelope Deux by Zibska – Zib Scags at Event@1st

Pose: Christmas Editorial by Sitting Pretty – AnellyStone at Pose Me Amazing

Sisters love

Sisters love

Hello Beauties! Hope you had an awesome weekend! Today I want to show you some new releases from Whatever and some beautiful things from the Arcade and The Chapter Four. So let’s begin!

Those leggings you see in both Nanny’s are from Whatever and they are available at The Big Show, there are 9 colors available and they come with appliers for Phatazz, Guetto booty, Slink Physique and Feet and Belleza Venus (No feet). The cardigan on the left is a release for the Winter Trend Fair, you’ll find 5 pack with 4 different colors on each one, there’s a hud where you can change the color of the dress, the belt and the boarders of the cardigan in 20 different colors, you can choose to wear the cardigan without the dress also.

My boots from the left are from Reign and they are available at Fameshed, there are 6 colors available and each come with a hud to change the color of the metals. The boots on the right are from Essenz and they are available at the Frozzen Fair, they are part of a gacha and you can get them in 6 different colors, this boots are for Slink mid feet.

My precious hair from the right is from Tableau Vivant and is available at the Arcade Gacha, each hair you can win comes in one of the colors of each regular color pack and they come with this beautiful earmuffs, you can choose to wear the hair with or without them.

The house and the mailbox are part of the collection from 8f8 at the Arcade. I was lucky enough to get even the secret rare from it, but I have a bunch of duplicates, so I placed a table at Gacha Alley with most of my duplicates from the Arcade and the past Chapter Four items. So if you wanna stop by and see if I have something that interests you here is the landmark.

I’m wearing on the right: 

Skin: December in America 02 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Arcade Gacha (Rare)
Hair: Earmuff – Racoon/White Kitty by Tableau Vivant – M4ry1in Magic at The Arcade Gacha
Sweater: V neck sweater by Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at Fameshed
Leggings: High leggings by Whatever – Anna Grey at The Big Show
Boots: Moscow by Essenz – Senzati0n Domenitzo at Frozzen Fair
Shawl: Cwe – Shawl by Erratic – Erratic Rain at The Arcade Gacha

I’m wearing on the left:

Skin: December in Asia 02 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Arcade Gacha
Hair: Holly by Wasabi Pills – MissAllSunday Lemon at Fameshed
Cardigan: Cozy Cardi by Whatever – Anna Grey at The Winter Trend Fair
Leggings: High leggings by Whatever – Anna Grey at The Big Show
Boots: Mercy boots by Reign – KenadeeCole at Fameshed


House: Granny’s Cottage by 8f8 at The Arcade Gacha (Rare)
Mailbox: Granny’s Cottage mailbox by 8f8 at The Arcade Gacha
Deer: Oh deer my! by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four (Gacha Prize)
Foxes: Kiss me kiss me kiss me by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four (Gacha Prize)

Pose: Safe keeping by !Bang – Luna Jubilee

Fashion Show

Fashion Show

Hello Beauties! Have you gone to The Arcade yet? I bet some of you already did and some are still trying to get in and let me tell you that this round is great! I love christmas so it’s kind of perfect for me and yes I’m broke now with all the pretty things I bought.

At the Arcade Glam Affair released its new skin called December, you can get Asia, Jamaica, Artic and Africa as commons and America and Pearl as rares. For Asia and Jamaica there are 5 different makeups, for Artic and Africa 3 different makeups and for America and Pearl two different makeups. Each makeup come with 7 different eyebrow colors, 1 with a no brow option and 5 different suggested brow shapes. There’s also a pretty gift that is under the tree and you’ll get one makeup in Asia tone completely free, so search for it. On the pictures below I’m showing you the different tones and makeups available.

December---Asia December-Artic&Africa December-JamaicaDecember-America&Pearl

By the way, don’t forget Truth and Fishy Strawberry are having a sale of a 50% discount on all the items at its mainstores.

I’m Wearing on the right: 

Skin: December in Jamaica tone 05 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Arcade Gacha
Hair: Lush by Little Bones – Nova Faerye at Fameshed
Dress: Winter Holiday Party by Fishy Strawberry – Fae Eriksen at Fameshed
Shoes: Giselle by Candy Doll – Rebeca Dembo at Uber
Necklace: Sisko by LaGyo – Gyorgyna Larnia at Fameshed

I’m Wearing on the left: 

Skin: December in Asia tone 04 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Arcade Gacha
Hair: Vivi by Truth – Truth Hawks at Uber
Dress: City lights by Foxes – Tyr Rozenblum at -Uber
Shoes: Brie by JD – Davidefre at Uber
Shades: Vogue by Foxes – Tyr Rozenblum at Uber
Necklace: Chick chalet – Winter leaf by Ariskea – Diaxm at Fameshed

The Bay

The Bay

Hello beauties! As the month starts you know it also some events are starting, Fameshed opens its doors today and it will bring you lots of winter goodies.

Have you heard of The Bay yet? Well, this new place landscaped by Mz Marville and interior decorated by Cerberus Xing, opened about three weeks ago and it’s a great beach retreat, it has a nice pirate cave, a cool bathhouse were I actually took my picture and lots of places to enjoy specially with you’re significant other, lover, one night stand or whoever you want as it’s an adult sim. There will a be a bedroom that will be open with a lingerie party on December 6th. at 2PM slt, I have to tell you that this parties are awesome so please grab your best lingerie set and join us, you definitely cannot miss it!

Some parts of The Bay are group only access and for only a little fee you can enjoy this place at its fullest,  so please grab the group you won’t regret having it, here is a link for you to paste at local chat to grab the group. The Bay is also organising a photography contest with really good prizes so you might check it’s page on FB to get to know the rules. (Click here for The Bay FB page)

On other news, Glam Affair released this beautiful Turban at Uber in 6 different patterned colors and 6 different plain colors. This pretty bodysuit is from Junbug and it’s available at Fameshed in 8 different colors, by the way today I’m wearing my physique body with it and it just fits perfect too. So you might wanna try it out!

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Sia II 05 in Jamaica tone by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Bodysuit: Fifi’s boudoir by Junbug – Juno Mantel at Fameshed
Jewelry: Ashira – complete collection by Maxi Gossamer

Location: The Bay



Hello beauties! November is almost over and there are so many fantastic events coming like Uber that will start tomorrow and this round theme is Vogue. So today I want to show you some stuff available there.

Glam Affair will release at Uber a second version of Sia in 3 tones: Asia, Europa and Jamaica, each tone has 10 different makeups and each makeup comes in 8 different eyebrow colors, a no brow version and 4 suggested eyebrow shapes. This new version is beautiful and it has some makeups with really nice black eyeliner. On the pictures below you can check each makeup available.


Hair: Ranger by Little Bones

Sia-Europa Sia-Jamaica

Can you see those pretty necklaces on the pictures above? Well those are the necklaces that Haste has at Geeks and Nerds, each necklace comes in gold, silver, bronze, hematite and black.

Today is Saturday right? So it’s Saturday Sale day too, and Reign put this amazing shoes in 8 different colors, this shoes come with a strap control hud where you can change the options for the straps and choose if you want your shoes with or without the strap. Besides this sale, all the shoes from Reign at mainstore have a discount of 50% until midnight slt. today. So hurry up and don’t miss this bargains.

Olive has a discount until midnight slt today too, each hair pack comes with a 75% discount, I mean when you can get nice and good quality hair with such discount, almost ever so you better hurry up and run to Olive.

I’m wearing

Skin: Sia II in Asia tone – 07 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Hair: Misty by Olive – Naminaeko Resident
Jacket: Vangeli by Zibska – Zib Scaggs at Uber
Skirt: Gal pencil skirt by Rowne – Fashionboi Landar
Shoes: Glitter Pumps by Reign – KenadeeCole



Hello my beauty queens! I hope you’re having an amazing week and that you’re getting your wallets ready as many events will start next week!

So today I wanted to show you one of the releases from Haste at The Secret Affair that will be held until November 30th. This harness and cuffs come in 10 different colors and each one comes with a hud to change the color of the metals.

Another release I wanted to show you are this beautiful shoes from Essenz for Slink mid feet that are available at My Attic in 6 different colors.

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Angelica 06  by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Kustom9
Hair: Kallista by Entwined – VivienMarli at Gorean Gacha Event
Shoes: Zurich by Essenz – Senzati0n Domenitzo at My Attic
Harness and cuffs: Moon by Haste – Auston Harbour at The Secret Affair

Pose: Various pose 29 by Label Motion – Anne Dakun