Back from the death

Back from the death

Hello beauties! Today is gacha time! Tag gacha started on the 17th. and the Gacha Mania started on the 15th. So lots of machines to play, lots of rare and mystery prizes to win, so get your wallets ready and have fun playing.

Let me talk to you about Tag Gacha as is a bit different than the usual gachas we are used to play, in order to play at Tag Gacha you have to go to the main location to get a hud and grant teleport permissions for it and start visiting each of the 50 locations as the gacha machines are at each brand mainstores but if you want something specific you can just go to your brand of choice and play but be sure to wear your hud. The trick here is if you only went to a specific store and you get a mystery prize you won’t be able to open until you visit all of the 50 locations, play the gacha machine and touch the Tag Gacha sign placed in each location, after you do that you have to go to the last location of the Tag Gacha and find the logo of the store of your mystery prize, wear the mystery coupon you’ve been given and touch that logo and then you’ll unlock the coupon and get your gift. Event though for some people this has been a little confusing I can assure you that is pretty fun and you’ll get a bunch of pretty things and you even can run into cool people, so it’s not only an event to play gacha but also find new friends.

Talking about Tag Gacha, Glam Affair released a pretty headdress called Leona in 9 common colors, 3 rares and a mystery prize but I won’t tell you what the mystery gift is just because you won’t have as much fun as you’re supposed to have but I’m sure if you get it you’ll like it a lot cause it’s not only one prize but three! ;)

I’m wearing:

Skin: Dead doll by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing (Group Gift/ 30L to join)
Eyelashes: Via lashes No. 10 by Zibska – Zib Scags at Cosmetic Fair
Hair: Koyo by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at The Season’s Story
Headdress: Leona by Glam Affair – Amberly Boccaccio (Rare prize – Tag Gacha)
Dress: Prom Queen by LDP – Angelica 2502 at The Beauty Pageant Event
Bracelets: A&A by Dolls House – Marienart Denver at Marketplace
Pitchfork: Pitchfork by LDP – Angelica 2502 at Gacha Mania (Rare prize)



One of the coolest things of being a blogger is meeting new people and make new friends and in this journey I’ve met wonderful people not only bloggers but designers as well. So today my post is a collaboration with one of the greatest people I’ve met on this journey, Tessa. This girl is super fun and a great blogger but foremost a great friend ’cause she’s been very supportive and nice to share with me and with others helpful tips on blogging.

As my friend Tessa stated on her post, blogging is not a way to receive free things from designers, is not having a full inventory of gifts, blogging is about meeting new people, share your creativity, learn how to interact with others and improve your blogging skills every day. One of the things that someone who wants to blog or is already blogging has to remember is that no one owes anything, a designer doesn’t have the obligation to give you his/hers stuff for you to post, I’ve always found rude for designers that some bloggers complaint that they haven’t give them stuff to blog, even if you’re sponsorshiped by a certain brand is nice to support the designer sometimes buying things that haven’t been given to you ’cause for most of them its a RL income what they get out of Second Life. So, if you started blogging or you wanna start blogging, get ready for fun and madness ;)

I’m wearing:

Skin: Penny by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Seasons Story
Hair: Thalia by Truth – Truth Hawks at The Mystic Realms Faire sim 2
Coat: Tiffany coat by Pepe – Pepehair at The Seasons Story
Tights: High wasted tights basic by Izzie’s – Izzie Button
Shoes: London by Essenz – Senzati0n Domenitzo at Vintage and Cool Fair

Pose: Carol by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman at The Liaison Collaborative

On Tessa:
Click here for credits

Place: Umbral

Come and get me

Come and get me

October’s round of Uber has been my favourite so far, some of you know that even though I think the book 50 Shades of Grey wasn’t well written or it doesn’t actually demonstrates what D/s relationship really is, I loved it and I had a lot of fun reading the whole trilogy. So this months round is called 50 shades of Uber so there are a lot of sexy and wild things but with an elegant touch and that’s what I liked the most of it, cause you know that in order to be sexy there’s no need to look tasteless. So a lot of beautiful, sexy and elegant stuff are waiting for you until the end of the month, so if you haven’t gone there yet what are you waiting for? ;)

Thank you LouLou for making such an amazing pose <3

I’m wearing:

Skin: Brooke by Belleza – Shyla Diggs at Uber
Hair: Suggestive by Exile – Kavar Cleanslate at Uber
Corset: Chantel lace corset by La Casa del Shai – Shai Delacroix at Uber
Shoes: Anastacia by JD (Just Designs) – Davidefre at Uber
Blindfold: Chris -Blindfold by Erratic – Erratic Rain at Uber

Pose: Jimmy1 by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman at The Liaison Collaborative

Chaise: Asmodeus chaise by The Loft – Colleen Desmoulins

Fallen leaves

Fallen leaves

In my last post I talked to you about Penny, the new skin release from Glam Affair at Mystic Realms Faire, now I want to talk to you about Penny again but the version that is available at The Seasons Story, it’s a beautiful skin that is available in Asia in 8 different makeups with subtle eyeshadows and pretty lipstick that will make your lips look juicy. I wanted to show you too, two of the pretty three releases from Tableau Vivant at Collabor88, one is Mimi which are the buns buns I’m wearing and the hair itself is called Winnie both are available in the new textures of the new huds.


Buns: Mimi by Tableau Vivant Hair: Winnie by Tableau Vivant at Collabor88

On the main picture the hair I’m wearing is called Olinda and is one of the new releases from Truth at The Mystic Realms Fair, this pretty and fun hair is available in the regular hair color packs.

My outfit is from Redgrave it comes with a sleeved and a sleeveless sweater, the shorts and socks and its available in 3 different colors at The Season’s Story

The tree, ladder and light bull from the scene are from Keke and they are available at The Season’s Story, you can buy them individually or the pack of the three things. The tree and the ladder have animations so you can invite your friends over and have fun at your garden with this pretty tree and ladder.

I’m wearing:

Skin: Penny by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Season’s Story   
Hair: Olinda by Truth – Truth Hawks at The Mystic Realms Faire Sim 2
Outfit: Heart hoodie set by Redgrave – Emilia Redgrave at The Season’s Story
Shoes: Stagioni boots by Maitreya – Onyx Leshelle


Tree: Still falling autumn tree by Keke – Kean Kelly at The Season’s Story
Ladder: Still falling step by Keke – Kean Kelly at The Season’s Story
Light bulb: Still falling bulb by Keke – Kean Kelly at The Season’s Story



Hello beauties! This week is been exciting, there are new releases from Glam Affair, Tableau Vivant and Truth that I’m sure you’re gonna go crazy getting all of it. Also The Season’s Story and Mystic Realms Faire opened on the 10th. So today I wanted to show you some of the releases for this two fabulous events.

First, let me talked to you about the hair I’m wearing on todays pic, this beautiful hair is from Truth and is one of the three releases at The Mystic Realms Faire, its called Neria and it comes with optional horns which its color can be changed with the hair color hud into 12 different colors.

My shoes are from Eudora3D and I want to talk to you about this amazing store, few years ago I met the owner of Opium a well known store that had amazing shoes and clothes specially for people that liked to dress up for RP, so after a while I didn’t hear from him and then suddenly the other day he contacted me and I was really happy to hear from him again and to find out that  he’s the mastermind behind of Eudora3D, he’s amazing designing and I’m sure you already have some shoes packs from his store, so I couldn’t help myself from not showing you this beautiful shoes that are available at the Vintage and Cool Fair, they come with a hud where you can change the color of the metal and also into 6 different colors for the shoes and wedges.

Also, let me introduce you to Penny the new skin from Glam Affair that was released in 2 versions, 1 at The Mystic Realms Faire and the other one at The Season’s Story. Today I’ll be showing you Magic Creature the version of Penny available at The Mystic Realms Fair, this skin is very pretty and I feel it makes me look a little bit more mature so loving it so far, it comes in 6 different makeups and its available in Asia, Jamaica and India. The hair I’m wearing in the picture below is a new release from Tableau Vivant at the Mystic Realms Fair sim 1, it comes with the female and male version and with a dark and a tintable hair base.


Hair: Defiler by Tableau Vivant Ears: Steking ears by Mandala



I’m wearing: 

Skin: Sia by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Neria by Truth – Truth Hawks at The Mystic Realms Faire Sim 2
Dress: Bicolor dress by La Penderie de Nicole – Marcopol Oh at The Season’s Story
Shoes: Vintage wedges by Eudora3D at Vintage and Cool Fair
Bracelets and watch: Billionair Smexy by Mandala – Kikunosuke Eel
Neklace: Reshaping necklace by Glow Studio – Jocelyn Anatine at The Dressing Room

Day dreaming

On this picture the headdress I’m wearing is one of the last releases from Glam Affair at its mainstore, I’ve talked to you about this releases before so I’ll just let you know that this beautiful headdress comes in 6 different colors and it has two jewel strings on each side.

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Penny – Magic Creature by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Mystic Realms Faire Sim 1
Hair: Hallie by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at Collabor88
Headdress: Kynori by Glam Affair - Amberly Boccaccio

La maison de la madame

La maison de la madame

Today I wanted to do a special post about Tromp Loeil and show you some of the things that are available at Fameshed, Collabor88 and its mainstore. I have to admit that I loved the new skybox that was released at Collabor, its a three room skybox, in each room there is a fireplace and you can choose to place it with or without surround, it also comes with optional fire logs and candles to place.

And for that I wanted to dress a little bit sexy and show you some of the clothing and accessories available at the new round of Collabor88. Like this sexy silk dress from Ison and this new beautiful shoes from Maitreya. My hair is the Truth release for Uber and it comes with an optional mask as add on that you can change its color with the hair color hud.

I’m wearing:

Skin: Sia by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Vixen by Truth – Truth Hawks at Uber
Dress: Silk slip dress by Ison – Harry Hyx at Collabor88
Shoes: Zest pumps by Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle at Collabor88
Necklace: Lux set by Glam Affair – Amberly Boccaccio at Collabor88
Bracelet: Pearl rain by Mandala – Kikunosuke Eel


Skybox: Attic skybox by Tromp Loeil – Cory Edo at Collabor88
Chairs: Wingback chairs by Tromp Loeil – Cory Edo at Collabor88
Lamps: Fiona star lamps by Tromp Loeil – Cory Edo
Ottoman: Paxton ottoman by Tromp Loeil – Cory Edo at Fameshed
Frames: Paxton canvases by Tromp Loeil – Cory Edo at Fameshed

The Season’s Story started today and Glam Affair is releasing this amazing earmuffs called Valkiria that is available in 8 different colors.


I’m wearing:

Skin: Sia by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Magdalen by Lelutka – Thora Charron
Earcuffs: Valkiria by Glam Affair – Amberly Boccaccio at The Season’s Story

Nanny goes to Holland

Nanny goes to Holland

Hello beauties! As the month starts a lot of events happen on the grid and today is one of the most important days for us shopaholics as Collabor88 opened today with a new round and this month is all about spooky things. You’ll have so much fun I’m sure.

My dress and shoes are from Pixicat and they are available at The Gathering, the shoes are one of the rare prizes and they come with a hud to change the color of the socks. My head piece is from Glam Affair and is one of the newest releases at the remodelled store of Tableau Vivant. My hair is from Exile and it will be available on the 10th at The Mystic Realms Faire.

I want to talk to you about Sia the new skin from Glam Affair released at Collabor88 in 3 tones: Artic, America and Pearl in 8 different makeups each, I loved the red color lips makeup so much that I think I’ll be wearing it a lot and I’m sure you’ll love all those dark eyeshades. But that’s not all, Glam Affair also released a stunning jewellery set of earrings, necklace and ring in silver and gold both available in 5 different colors. Here is a pic showing you Sia and the Lux Set in all its makeups and colors available. The hair I’m wearing in the picture below is from Tableau Vivant and its one of the new releases.

Sia America

Hair: Victoria by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic
Jewelry Set: Lux set by Glam Affair – Amberly Boccacio at Collabor88

Sia Artic

Sia Pearl

Hair: Sample by Tableau Vivant

I’m wearing:

Skin: Sia in Artic by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Cry Ophelia by Exile – Kavar Cleanslate at The Mystic Realms Faire (Opens October 10th)
Headpiece: Hope headdress by Glam Affair - Amberly Boccaccio
Dress: Maiden by Pixicat – Areve at The Gathering
Shoes: Maiden by Pixicat – Areve at The Gathering (Rare prize)

Place: Sarawak

Into the wilderness

Into the wilderness

The Mystic Realms Faire is starting on the 10th, it’s an event where you’ll find fantasy related stuff and today I wanted to show you a sneak peak of what Exile and Aru have available there. This hair from Exile is called Royal Command and it comes with this beautiful crown that is optional to wear. Also Aru will be releasing three new ring sets, the one I’m wearing today are the armor and crown rings from the set 3.

The Gadering is a gacha event that started last week and you will find things from Pixicat, Junbug, May’s Soul, Luas, Haste and other amazing designers. The outfit I’m wearing is from Haste and its available at this amazing event that by the way was decorated by the great Zee.

I couldn’t help myself not to show you the new accessories from Glam Affair and the group gift from Tableau Vivant. So here I am showing you the Classy Ornament that is available in 5 different colours.

I’m wearing:

Skin: Ingrid by Essences – Inka Mexicola at Uber
Hair: Royal Command by Exile – Kavar Cleanslate at The Mystic Realms Faire Sim 2 (Opens October 10th.)
Outfit: Nuno by Haste – Auston Harbour at The Gathering
Rings: Fantasy rings set 3 by Aru – Luana Dwag at The Mystic Realms Faire Sim 2 (Opens October 10th.)
Nails: Tidbits for Slink hands by Zibska – Zib Scaggs at Candy Fair


I’m wearing:

Skin: Sia by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Hair: Sample by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic
Head ornament: Classy ornament by Glam Affair – Amberly Boccaccio



Hello beauties! Halloween is just around the corner and tons of events are happening around the grid so today I wanted to show you the latest stuff from Uber,Tableau Vivant and Glam Affair.

Tableau Vivant has a new decor at its mainstore, new hair, new color huds and a beautiful group gift too. Glam Affair accessories released new stuff for this occasion and one of the new things is this beautiful headpiece I’m wearing called Sejuani which is available in 5 different colors. The group gift from Tableau Vivant comes as a fatpack that way you can check the newest color huds so you can get the one you like the most for the other 4 hair new releases like the one I’m using today which is called Amberly.

Uber opened it’s doors with a round full of sexy stuff, my dress and my collar is from Foxes which is the new store from Tyr Rozenblum. The color of the dress skirt is changeable with the hud that comes with it so you can match whatever outfit you want and the color of the collar is changeable too with the hud provided and it comes in two versions with or without open collar scripts. My skin is from Belleza, it’s called Brooke and its available in 8 different makeups and you can get it on mid or tan.

I’m wearing:

Skin: Brooke by Belleza – Shyla Diggs at Uber
Hair: Amberly by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic
Headpiece: Sejuani by Glam Affair – Amberly Boccaccio
Dress: Baby doll by Foxes – Tyr Rozenblum at Uber
Collar: Yes Sir by Foxes – Tyr Rozenblum at Uber
Cuffs: Kink bracer by The Forge – Deccan Arida at Uber

Crows: Raven flock by We’re Closed – Mandingo Quan

School is fun

School is fun

The kids from my country just started school last week so I felt like doing something about it and I remembered those times when you got so excited to go back to school to see your school friends again. So today I ask my new friend Bee Bee to share with me this post. On this journey I’ve met marvellous people and on of them is miss Bee, she’s so nice that taking this pic with her was really easy and fun. She’s a talented photographer, so you might want to check her pictures on her flickr pool.

Without much preamble let me tell you what we are wearing.

On Nanny:

Skin: Doll V2 by Pink Fuel – Mochi Milena
Mouth: Nyam nyam by Cathode Rays – Tashanni
Hair: Aviva by Truth – Truth Hawks
Shirt: EthelJK by C’est la Vie – Larcoco Mathy at Creation.JP
Pants: Basic white/September leggings by Coquet – Tabitha Marquez
Shoes: Flaties for Whatever – Anna Grey at Showroom
Bag: Back to school bag by Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at Creation.JP

On Bee bee:

Hair: Written by Magika – Sabina Gully
Outfit: School line by Edelweiss – Moeka Kohime
Shoes: Ballet flats by Muka – Muka Release
Phone: Keitai Smart Phone Beary by The Sugar Garden – Eilfie Sugarplum
Rings: Gold Flower Ring by Maxi Gossamer
Pink Cross Ring by Cute Poison – Sae Luan
Glasses: Wanderland by Modish – Ele Brandi