Cotton candy clouds

Cotton candy clouds

Hello Beauties! Today I came up with this pinkish outfit that I really wanted to show you! Hope you like it!

There are many events around the grid these days and one of it is The Dreamer’s Factory. Since you get to the landing point you feel literally in clouds, it’s so well decorated that I wanted to live there and catch a nap on the bed at the  landing point that is actually a teleport. There you can find my Teddy friend that’s beside me, it’s a gacha prize from C’est La Vie and you can win it in different colours with different outfits. It’s a holdable teddy but for this pic she just wanted to pose beside me, she said too many boys where going to look at her so she didn’t want to look like a baby xD

Another event going on right now is L’amitié Summer Market there you will find brands like Truth, Izzie’s, Rack Poses, Intrepid, Apple Fall and Haste. There you can find this pretty shoes from Intrepid, which come with a hud where you can change the color of the insole and the straps into 6 different pastel colours and you can also change the wedge into 4 different flowery patterns. This event will run until August 2nd. so hurry up and don’t miss all the offers available there.

Don’t forget Elikatira is having a sale right now, only 99L for each color pack, the hair band of the hair I’m wearing is customisable with the hud provided, you can not only change the color of the hair band but also the color of the studs in 14 different colours.

Have fun shopping!

I’m wearing:

Skin: Rose 04 in Asia by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Hair: Richelle by Elikatira – Elikapeka Tiramisu
Shirt: Fiona Top by Enelya’s Creations – Teslinne Quan
Skirt: Dolls Coll by Ashmoot – Kristabel Ashmoot at Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Socks: Bow seam socks by Cannibelle – Annabelle Couturier
Shoes: Marci Plattforms (Floral) by Intrepid – Aledia Underby at L’amitié Summer Market
Teddy: Teddy Lamb by C’est La Vie – Larcoco Mathy at The Dreamer’s Factory
Bracelet: Neva Bracelet by Candy Crunchers – KittyMeow Tigerpaw at Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Pose: Change by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichmann

Right here is where I wanna stay

Right here is where I wanna stay

Hello Beauties! Hope you have an awesome week… Today I wanted to show you so bad this swimsuit from Ashmoot that will be available tomorrow for Hello Tuesday at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room sim for only 50L and this sandals from Poute available at the new round of CSR that started yesterday.

Just a little note, last week Kattington decided to rebrand Milk and now her store became Soonsiki, so don’t worry about the store disappearing ’cause is just a change of the name and you will still find the same good quality hair but under a new and renovated brand and of course in the same place and in various events.

I’m wearing

Skin: Rose by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Hair: Winx by Milk (Now Soonsiki) - Kattington at Hair Fair
Swimsuit: Coll Monokini by Ashmoot – Kristabel Ashmoot for Hello Tuesday at CSR
Sandals: Summer flower flats by Poute at Cosmopolitan Sales Room


Hammock: Wood hammock by We’re Closed - Mandingo Quan
House: Sleeping house by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four
Seal: Seal pups by Alchemy – Tyr Rozenblum


Captured... Picture by Vlady Veeper

BDSM has become a bit popular in the SL community, part of it I can assume it’s because this famous trilogy called 50 Shades of Grey and I know most of you have heard of it or read it as I did even though I don’t think its actually a BDSM book but just an erotic book. Anyway as I said, I’ve seen more people interested in BDSM lately and more stuff available than before and now we even have a fair that has a lot of BDSM stuff that I talked you about before, I’m talking you about Romp. I actually found this fair amazing, not only because of the theme but the high quality and good taste of the things available there.

I also talked you about Umbral the other day and I visited it today and I wanted to dress up as a submissive so I grab this beautiful collar from Losthaven which comes in two styles one with a leash and the other one without it and you can choose to wear them with open collar scripts or unscripted. I’m also wearing this beautiful and elegant lace blindfold from Lark. Both items you can get them at Romp. So I got the collar and the blindfold, but I didn’t want to be full “naked” so I got this nice chest harness from Haste at The Secret Affair, its available in red, grey, black, brown and white.

You’ll wonder where my hair is from, well let me tell you a story. Back in 2008 when I started playing SL a friend of mine took me to this hair store called ETD and I was amazed with all those beautiful hair styles so I became a fan of this store, when I came back to SL after two years I found it was still open but now it was called Elikatira, after a while its doors closed and today I got this subscribe message saying Elikatira was back, I was so happy to see my first favourite hair store opened, so I run over there and found out that there is  a huge sale, 99L for a hair pack and 3 new hair styles. So you might check them out! This hair is beautiful!

You might wonder why this pic is not taken by me, well this picture is from one of my favourite photographers and I always wanted a picture from him, his name is Vlady Veeper and he’s the owner of Umbral. He and his partner Coqueta Georgia do beautiful pictures some of them are about D/s and they portray it in such a good way that you really want be in one of the pics,  I really like the way Vlady can portray a submissive, so I was so happy when he told  me he was going to take this picture and I couldn’t help myself not to show you ’cause it turned out so beautiful.  You can check Vlady Veeper’s flickr here and Coqueta’s here.

I’m wearing:

Skin: Rose by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Hair: Cassidy by Elikatira – Elikapeka Tiramisu
Harness: Strapped chest harness by Haste – Auston Harbour at The Secret Affair
Collar: Halonai collar by Losthaven – Tala Laval at Romp
Blindfold: Amaurotic bird mask by Lark – Sienia Trevellion at Romp
Earrings: Suzanne earring by Aru – Luana Dawg

Location: Umbral

Thinking of you

Thinking of you

Today is the last day of this round of the Cosmopolitan Sales Room and I wanted to show you this pretty patio set from Shutter Field, the package contains a corner patio, one sofa and two arm chairs, I’m sure you will like it please go before everything changes!

A new gacha from Ionic is available at The Chapter Four and there you can win this cute seated bunny and the boat strings I’m showing you too.

The beautiful wedges for Slink High Feet I’m wearing are from CandyDoll and are available at Kustom9, there are tones of colours to choose from and they come with a hud where you can change the textures and colours of the wedge and the chain. My hair is from Tableau Vivant and is one of the hairs available at Hair Fair. Finally my dress is from Pixicat and you can change it to 6 different colours with the hud that comes in the package, this beautiful dress is available at The Seasons Story.

Well, now lets talk about Glam Affair! Yesterday Aida released a new beautiful skin line called Rose, its available in Arctic, Asia, Africa, America, Europa, India and Jamaica; it comes in 13 different makeups and there is a no brow version that you can wear with the 8 different eyebrows for sale, each eyebrow pack comes in six different tones and a white tintable eyebrow is included. This new skin line is available at the mainstore and while you are there check out the pictures of some of my blogger partners that made an amazing job showing Rose.


Hair: Francis by Tableau Vivant                   Collar: Aa lola coco by Dolls House

I’m wearing

Skin: Rose by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Hair: Francis by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at Hair Fair
Dress: Summer Dress by Pixicat – Areve at The Seasons Story
Wedges: Raviosa by CandyDoll – Rebeca Dembo at Kustom9

Collar: Aa lola coco by Dolls house at marketplace


Patio Set: Tungsten Set by Shutter Field – Heavenly Villa at Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Bunny: I am still bunny girl by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four
Strings: Boat strings by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four
Plant pots: Plant and grass pots by What Next – Winter Thorn



Hello beauties! Today I felt a bit sexy and I wanted to show myself on lingerie for this post.

There’s a new fair called Romp that just opened its doors yesterday and its purpose is to offer adult merchandise. I found it a very nice idea to get this merchandise from great designers with good taste. So I went there yesterday and grab some stuff that I’m wearing today.

My collar and cuffs are from Boom and they are just precious! I bought them in black ’cause I’ve always found black sexier but you can get them in other colours. There is a hud that comes in the package where you can change the color of the ruffles and the color of the metal. The chocker comes in two versions one is for open collar and the other one doesn’t have this scripts. Open Collar for the ones that are not familiarised with them are various scripts that work with RLV (Restrained Love Viewer) and these are used by people that role-play in BDSM or Gor mainly.

Glam Affair released Kallisto in Jamaica and Asia for Romp, there are 5 different makeups you can choose from. I loved this makeups as most of them come with that reddish lipstick that looks so sexy.

As I said before, I wanted to show myself on lingerie and I found this pretty set from Chocolate Atelier at The Cosmopolitan Sales Room, I’m wearing black for today but you can find it also on pink, red and blue.

Both hairs I’m wearing for this post are from Tableau Vivant, the one in the picture above its available at The Seasons Story and the one on the picture below is from Hair Fair. As always you can get it in the regular color packs or get the fatback. Tableau Vivant will donate 25% of its sales at Hair Fair for Wigs for Kids, so your not only getting a really nice hair but you are helping others.

Where did I take my picture? Well, I took it at place called Umbral, this is a place for BDSM role-players and it was beautifully decorated by Coqueta Georgia. You can go visit anytime even if you’re not on BDSM but you just have to follow the rules of the place, you can even talk to its owners Vlady Veeper and Coqueta Georgia if you want to take a picture there, they are really nice people. Or you can go visit Umbral and just outside this place the whole sim was landscaped for pictures, some of mine were taken there and you can see it’s a beautiful place where you can even rez your own pose stands.

Hair: Lusch by Tableau Vivant at Hair Fair

Hair: Lusch by Tableau Vivant at Hair Fair

I’m wearing

Skin: Kallisto 05 in Jamaica by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Romp
Hair: Barley by Tableau Vivant - M4ril1n Magic at The Seasons Story
Lingerie Set: Regina by Chocolate Atelier – YukaChoco Magic at Cosmpolitan Sales Room
Chocker and cuff set: Dollhouse Collar and Cuff set by Boom – Aranel Ah at Romp

Place: Umbral

Out in the woods

Out in the woods

Hello beauties! It’s been a while since I don’t do a post of things available under 100L or free stuff so I decided to do so and show you some stuff available at Cosmopolitan Sales Room and from Hair Fair.

So tomorrow is tuesday time for Hello Tuesday and Forever Summer just released this flowery dress for 50L, the sandals are from Perch and it’s the group gift for the Cosmopolitan Sales Room group members, this group is free to join. Finally one of the most waited events of the year started, yes I’m talking about the Hair Fair and you will find tons of different styles from pretty much all the hair designers from SL and of course you can find gifts like the hair from Clawtooth I’m wearing, it comes in three different colours: black, red and blonde.

But today I’m not only going to talk about clothing and bargains, some of you know that my favourite blogger is Strawberry Singh and she did a post of this beautiful new place landscaped by Mz Marville called Matoluta Sanctuary. It’s a beautiful country place  full of places where you can take pictures or just explore and it’s purpose is to aware on the preservation of the Spanish Colonial Horses. You can read all the information about this place on its webpage as well on the review that Strawberry Singh did on this post.

Hope you liked the bargains I brought to you today and I hope also that you enjoy your time at the Matoluta Sanctuary, bring a horse! ;)

I’m wearing

Skin: Kallisto 01 in Asia by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Very very by Clawtooth – Bubbles Clawtooth at Hair Fair (1L)
Dress: Jungle Flora Island Gown by Forever Summer - Moon Falconer for Hello Tuesday at CSR
Sandals: Bow sandals by Perch – Karisha Starfall at Cosmopolitan Sales Room (Group Gift/0L to join)

Place: Matoluta Santuary

Silver night

Silver night

Hello beauties today I wanted to show you some stuff available at The Seasons Story, hope you like them :)

The Seasons Story started last week and it will last until July 31st. you will find a lot of pretty stuff and from the best designers. So its worth visiting and of course buy there. Have fun!

I’m wearing

Skin: Kallisto 04 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Windang by Tableau Vivant – M4r1lyn Magic at The Seasons Story
Dress: Nadin dress by Spirit Store – Spirit Osmus at The Seasons Story
Bracelets: Safari tribe bracelet by Ison – Harry Hyx at Collabor88



Hello beauties! I have more items from Collabor88 to show you  today!

Mandala is one of my favourite jewellery store and when I knew they were going to be as guest designer I went crazy so I’m showing you one of the necklaces available, this set comes with earrings that of course match the necklace.  My bracelets are from Ison there are three texture available Gold, Onix and  Silver.

My outfit is from Tee*fy, you can choose to buy the shirt and the shorts in different colours and patterns so you can match them the way you want. The sandals are from Zenith and they are for Slink high feet. Finally this beautiful hair is from Tableau Vivant and you can choose to wear it with cheetah pattern strands.

If you haven’t gone to Collabor88 you should go as soon as you can, you will find wonderful things.

I’m wearing:

Skin: Cassia 05 in Exotic by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Seasons Story
Hair: Cheetah hair by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at Collabor88
Shirt: Sadie shirt by Tee*fy - Azure Electricteeth at Collabor88
Shorts: Sahara shorts by Tee*fy – Azure Electricteeth at Collabor88
Sandals: Bohemian string platform by Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at Collabor88
Necklace: Kyara Forest by Mandala – kikunosuke Eel at Collabor88
Bracelets: Safari Tribe bracelet by Ison – Harry Hyx at Collabor88

Pose: It’s a mod, mod world 03 by Nantra at Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Location: Ison

African sunset

African Sunset

Hello beauties! Have you gone to Collabor88 yet? If you haven’t you should keep on trying, I know is packed but is worth going. Today I grabbed my friend Mark to pose with me, he’s a blogger too so if you guys want to see men clothing you should visit his blog ’cause he always has handy stuff for men.

Today all my outfit is from Collabor the blouse and shorts are from Tres Blah, my hair is from Clawtooth and my sandals are from Pure Poison. Do you see those gazelle? well they are from Half Deer and they are the cutest.

Tomorrow The Seasons Story opens and Glam Affair is releasing Cassia in Tropic and Exotic. I talked you about exotic yesterday showing you its version in Kallisto and as I said I loved that tone, but today I’m also showing you the new tone called Tropic which is the darkest of the new tones and it’s also lovely.

Hair: Radio by Milk at The Chapter Four

Hair: Radio by Milk at The Chapter Four

Hair: Radio by Milk at The Chapter Four

Hair: Radio by Milk at The Chapter Four

I’m wearing

Skin: Cassia 02 in Exotic by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Seasons Story
Hair: Adventure Girl by Clawtooth – Bubbles Clawtooth at Collabor88
Blouse: Khaki Blouse by Tres Blah – Julliette Westerburg at Collabor88
Shorts: Khaki Shorts by Tres Blah - Julliette Westerburg at Collabor88
Sandals: Giulia sandals by Pure Poison – Shaleene Kenin at Collabor88
Deers: Thomson’s Gazelle by +Half Deer+ – Halogen Magic at Collabor88

For Mark’s credits check here

Stop! Not with me

Stop! Not with me

My dear beauties its the 8th and it’s time for Collabor88. I wanted to show you so bad this new tone from Glam Affair called Exotic, it’s a beautiful dark tone that belongs to the new line called Kallisto and comes in 8 gorgeous makeup. So check it out I’m sure you will love it as much as I do.

The Chapter Four has opened its doors already and I’m showing you some stuff that are available. The skirt and shirt are from Ionic and it’s from the 2×1 room. This really nice sandals for Slink high feet are from Le Primitive and this elegant clutch is from Swallow, both items are from the half prize room. My hair is from Pr!tty and is from the 100 or less room.

Finally, my necklace is from Maxi Gossamer and belongs to the new models available at Fameshed.  So check all this amazing events  and as I always suggest, have fun shopping!

Necklace: Lola Slave by Dolls House

Necklace: Lola Slave by Dolls House

I’m wearing

Skin: Kallisto 02 in Exotic by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Ami II by Pr!tty – Karla Marama at The Chapter Four
Shirt: Lace crop top by *ionic* – Lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four
Skirt: Denim high skirt by *ionic* - Lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four
Sandals: Michi Heels by Le Primitif - Yani Tryce at The Chapter Four
Clutch: Fringes cloth by Swallow – Luciayes Magic at The Chapter Four
Necklace: Ayla Moon Goddess by Maxi Gossamer at Fameshed
Bangles: Marbella Majestic by Maxi Gossamer

Lola Slave necklace by Dolls house at marketplace

Place: Mayfair