Tan is my new favourite color

Hello beauties! just a quick post today to show you some stuff ;)

Tan is my new favourite color

Hair: Coco by Due – Dubled at The Deck
Jumpsuit: Sophia Jumpsuit by Baiastice – Sissy Pessoa
Shoes: Olena Translucent Pumps by Ryvolter – Sanya Bilavio
Jewelry: Chunkeey jewellery set by Mandala – kikunosuke Eel

Give me some lemonade

Hello beauties! As always there are a bunch of events over the Grid, but today I’m gonna talk to you about two of them, My Attic @ The Deck and The The Dark Style Fair.

My Attic @The Deck opened it’s doors last week with a new round you will find brands like Milk, Pure Poison, Mina, DCNY, Ploom, Le Primitif, Somnia to name a few and most of the items available for only 95L.

On the other hand, until June 7th. there is The Dark Style Fair that I’m sure most of you already went. There you can find a lot of clothing and accessories of course most of them in black and as the name of the fair says for a dark style.

So hurry up before the fair ends and grab everything you want at The Attic, you cannot miss the bargains. ;)

Give me some lemonade

Hair: Go for girly by Milk – Kattington at The Deck
Dress: Kitten Dress by Intrepid
Shoes: My chained heart pumps by Blah – hOShi Kimono at The Dark Style Fair
Jewelry: Giselle Opal Set by Maxi Gossamer

Garden Cafe Caravan Full Set by What Next – Winter Thorn

Hoodies and baggies

Hello beauties! Today I wanted to dress a bit urban style, so here we go…

The shoes are a new release from Deer, as always when you buy Deer shoes you get the whole fatback so you can customise them on every color you want to fit your outfit. The hoodie is also from Deer and they also come in different colours, you buy a pack and in each one you get 5 different colours with different designs.

Twenty13 released this cool baggy shorts recently, they are really fun to wear so you might check them out too.

Last but not least the hair is from Milk and it’s very cool, it comes in two different version one in normal like the one I’m showing you and the other one is holdable and you can use it with the two different poses that come in the pack.

So that’s for today! Go crazy shopping! :)

Hoodies and Baggies

Hair: Iggy by Milk – Kattington
Hoodie: Hoodie Jacket by Deer – Sidofox Zsun
Pants: Baggie Jules Shorts by Twenty13 – Bravin
Shoes: WC shoes by Deer – Sidofox Zsun

Dr. Feelgood

I would like to welcome Intrepid as my sponsor, I was really happy that Ally chose me to be part of her bloggers, so I just run to the store and get some nice goodies.

Today I’m showing you this crop shirt and skirt which come in 4 packs of colours and each of one comes in 6 different colours as well, so you can change to the color you want using the hud that comes with them.

Intrepid has released this nice pair of boots that have the same system as the shirt and skirt so on each of the 4 available packs you will get 6 different colours.

Since last friday The Dressing Room Fusion has a new round so I picked up this punk type of hair from Loq. It’s the fatback so you will be able to use it in whichever color you prefer. Today I went redheaded. xD

Enjoy shopping!

Dr. Feelgood

Hair: Lager by Loq’ue – Gia Pawpad at The Dressing Room Fusion
Sunglasses: Aviators by Redgrave
Ears: Steking ears by Mandala – kikunosuke Eel
Shirt: Aj Top by Intrepid
Skirt: Irese skirt by Intrepid
Boots: Amity boots by Intrepid
Necklace: Loa happy skulls by Maxi Gossamer
Bracelets: Loa happy skulls by Maxi Gossamer
Pose: Guitar poses by Purple Pose – Audrey Guter

Waiting for you

Waiting for you

Nanny is wearing:

Skin: Coral by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Astrid by Mina – Mina Nakamura at The Deck
Jumpsuit: Claara jumpsuit by J.Allen – Judite Allen at OMG Room
Shoes: Ira by Erratic – Erratic Rain
Jewelry: Marbella Magestic by Maxi Gossamer


Sofa: Tufted Sofa by Pilot – Kaz Nayar
Frames: The Ionic Spell 2 by ionic – lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four
Screen: Ines Branch Screen by Tromp Loeil – Cory Edo

Pose: Take a break by Label Motion – Anne Dakun at The Dressing Room Fusion

Under the Tuscan Sun

Hello gorgeous! Today I will show you some other stuff available at Kustom9. So here we go!

Under the Tuscan Sun

Rompers: Rompers with belt by Zenith – Miffihoy Rosca at Kustom9
Shoes: Eliza Platform by Bens Boutique – Snow Martiel at Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Under the Tuscan Sun

Hair: Jupiter by Moon – Kattington at Kustom9
Earrings: Mother’s Pearl by LaGyo – Gyorgyna Larnia
Necklace: Mother’s Pearl by LaGyo – Gyorgyna Larnia


After fighting with the security certificate from Flickr I finally could upload pics and do a post \o/

Down to business… A new round of Kustom9 is available, so I went there and as always I went crazy shopping! So today I’m showing a pair of shorts and top from Motiame which is available in various colours, but as I always go for dark colours I got this nice black white dot top and this shorts in white. Faun has available this beautiful gladiator sandals for Slink flat feet. It’s available in black, coral, beige, pink and other colours so you can match your outfit with them perfectly.

Finally Finesmith has this really nice bracelets at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room, it’s available in 6 different colours.

Enjoy shopping!


Top: Tub top bra by Motiame – Malone Brandi at Kustom9
Shorts: High waisted shorts by Motiame – Malone Brandi at Kustom9
Sandals: Xi Gladiator Sandals by Faun – ExplicitFame at Kustom9


Skin: Emma by Essences – Inka Mexicola
Hair: Poison Tree by Moon – Silent Acoustic at Kustom9
Watch + Bracelets: Zman watch by Finesmith – Yula Finesmith at Cosmopolitan Sales Room


You probably know already that one of my favourite blogs is Strawberry Singh’s blog, and this past week she made me remember a lot of stuff. I’m not doing one of her meme challenges but I’m going to talk about a little bit of my SL life as she remembered hers on her 7th rezzday birthday so probably this post might be “just a little bit” longer than usual.

Let’s start with my Second Life. I started playing second life back in june 2008 when you could still find malls full of freebies  and much nicer people or at least people were much more trustable, I will always remember Magda Magnolia, this european woman who adopted me and gave me a house and 300L, she taught me how to build and how to dress up.

Back then I wasn’t in fashion at all, I used to use the shape a friend gave me which was really tall and curvy and a Redgrave skin and of course bling shoes (I always remember that in the local chat you could always read “bling on” “bling off” ’cause that was the way to turn on or turn off the bling on the shoes), but my favourite brand back then was Armidi, I used to love every single thing they had! It was a sim full of nice and for me at that time, really expensive clothes and accessories.

Then I met “the guy” that guy that changes your whole world who became my boyfriend in sl for more than two years but we also met in RL, he lived in my city and we ended up having a long affair in RL. He introduced me to Bloodlines and to make the story shorter I ended up being a Vampire Clan Queen. At that time I used to be gothic and my wardrobe was full of Gothicatz clothes, but used the same hair and the same skin for ages lol.

I left SL for about two years and when I came back mesh clothing was the it thing and I couldn’t believe how pretty the avis looked, so I started to dress “normal” and became the shopaholic I’m now. Now I’m just a regular girl who meets with her friends, goes to parties and on the weekends takes pictures of herself after playing barbies to post in this blog. :)


I’m wearing:
Shirt: Crop Panel Tee by Ison – Harry Hyx at Collabor88
Pants: High Waisted Jeans Jule by Emery – Sunami Beck at Collabor88
Hair: Peggy Sue by Lamb – Lamb Bellic at Collabor88

Jukebox: Blue jukebox by Standby Inc. – Sho Kenin at Collabor88
Vendor: Shake my milkshake by Flowey – Flutter Memel at Collabor88
Frame: Roller Derby Poster by Floorplan – Tegan Serin at Collabor88
Sofa: Lucka Armchairs by Lisp – Pandora Popstar at Collabor88
Sodas: Soda Crate Set by Floorplan – Tegan Serin at Collabor88

Pose: Forgotten Memories by Infinity – Brandi Monroe at The Fantasy Gacha

The Veeper’s

Today I want to talk to you about one of my favourite places to take pics, it’s called The Veeper’s and it’s owned by Coqueta Georgia and Vlady Veeper. They put up this place for everyone to take pictures or just hang out, here you can even rezz your own poses and they have different places around the sim where you can take the best shot.

But let me tell you something else about Coqueta, she is not only one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met but she is has a really good taste on interior design and landscaping, oh! she is a great photographer too! If you want to check out her pics here is the link to her Flickr account https://www.flickr.com/photos/98707835@N03/

The Veeper's

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel – Mochi Milena
Eyelashes: Eyelash Tattoos by Strawberry Singh at Marketplace
Hair: Haruka by Argrace – Rika Oyen
Head Piece: Grape Leafs Corolla by Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at Fameshed
Necklace: Earth Stone Butterfly necklace by Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at Fameshed
Ring: Butterfly Ring by Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at Fameshed

The Veeper's

Dress: Lana long dress by Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at Fameshed

Location: The Veeper’s

White Noise

As the month started new rounds of events come in our way, that is the case of Fameshed and I want to show you some stuff available this month for its new round.

White Noise

Shirt: Basic Tank by Ricielli – Fhara Acacia
Skirt: Miu by Emery – Sunami Beck at Fameshed
Shoes: Laud Boots by Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle
Pose: Mireia by Label Motion – Anne Dakun at The Dressing Room

Ricielli released a new collection and all of the stuff available come in regular and fitted mesh, there are lots of new and fabulous things available. The new collection is not in the main store but in a temporary location only for the new fitted mesh clothing. You should check out the new stuff from Ricielli, don’t miss it!

White Noise

Hair: Pristine by Epoque – Vintage McMillan
Glasses: Luxus Golden Black by Zoom – Jonas Acanthus
Necklace: From the Nioray Jewelry Set by Mandala – kikunosuke Eel
Bracelet: From the Chunkeey Jewelry Set by Mandala – kikunosuke Eel
Clutch: Rockstudded Clutch by Cherry – London Dailey at Fameshed

Last but not least I really want to thank Absi Montenegro for letting me use this amazing building made by William Weaver.