Follow the dead

Follow the dead

Hello beauties! Today I want to show you some of the stuff available at The Epiphany and Collabor88. As halloween approaches you will find more dark stuff and also more costumes, so get ready! Cos there are gonna be a lot of halloween parties and events! Like this amazing party organized at Templemore City on the 31st. with 4 amazing djs, here’s the link to the Facebook event if you want to join.

Glam Affair released for Collabor88 new fantasy appliers for the Lelutka mesh heads, these appliers are called “Dia de los muertos” and it will look awesome if you want to dress up as a Catrina. This appliers are in polar only so make sure you have the appliers for your mesh bodies, hands and feet. Here you can see the different makeups available. Btw, for this picture I’m wearing the new eyes by S0ng released for the new round of Kustom9.


Talking about Día de los muertos, this is a pretty popular festivity in Mexico and actually is called Día de Muertos and it’s celebrated on November 1st. and 2nd. In most of the latin american countries this festivity is celebrated too, in my country is called Dia de los Santos Difuntos which means Day of the Holly Dead and we basically go to the cemetery and visit the tombs of our dead relatives, in some parts of my country specially on the country side or where native communities are located, people bring food and eat, pray and sing at their relative’s tombs; some people leave their dead relative’s favorite food or drinks on their tombs cos they believe they will come in the middle of the night to eat and drink them. So if you happen to travel to Mexico or Ecuador during November you’ll get to see this awesome festivity.

I’m wearing: 

Head: Karin by Lelutka – Jadenart
Head applier: Dia de los muertos 05 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Ryleigh by Truth – Truth Hawks
Dress: Spiked dress by Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at The Epiphany (Rare gacha prize)
Necklace: Bottle necklace by Yummy – Polyester Partridge at The Epiphany (Gacha prize)

Grim reapers by MishMish – Aime Takaaki at Collabor88

Pose: Moka by Kirin – Carolina Sautereau at Kustom9



Hello beauties! Tomorrow a new round of Kustom9 opens its doors so today I wanted to show you the latest release from Glam Affair.

Liss are the new appliers for the Lelutka mesh heads from Glam Affair and you can play to get 12 different commons in India, Asia, Artic, America, Africa, Exotic and 2 rares in Jamaica. Each applier comes with 4 different eyebrow colors and 1 no brow option. On the pictures below you can check each one of the prizes you can get from this gacha.


Hair: Reverie by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at Collabor88


I’m wearing: 

Head: Stella by Lelutka – Jadenart
Head applier: Liss in Jamaica 01 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Kustom9 (Rare gacha prize)
Hair: Dreamy by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at Collabor88
Earrings and necklace: Dreamcatcher by Yummy – Polyester Partridge at Collabor88

At the end of the road

At the end of the road

Hello beauties! I hope you’re having an awesome week! Have you gone to Uber yet? I bet you did but if you haven’t gone there yet today I’ll show you some of the stuff available there.

Glam Affair released Fiona in America and Jamaica in 6 different makeups each, as always you’ll get with each makeup 7 eyebrow colors, a no brow version and 5 different eyebrow shapes.

Fiona-America Fiona-Jamaica

I’m wearing on the right: 

Skin: Fiona in America 06 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Hair: Ami by Truth – Truth Hawks at Uber
Top: Clarissa bustier top by Tee*fy – Azure Electricteeth at Kustom9
Skirt: Hana by Tee*fy – Azure Electricteeth at Nº21
Shoes: Nairobi by Essenz – Senzati0n Domenitzo at Shiny Shabby
Necklace: Trapped moon by Attic – Citta Wiskee at IDK

I’m wearing on the left:

Skin: Fiona in Jamaica 03 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Hair: Ella by Entwined – Vivienmarli at Shiny Shabby
Shirt: Lace tops by Apple May Designs – Apple May at Shiny Shabby
Jeans: Light grey jeans by American Beauty – Aaliyah Alter at Shiny Shabby
Shoes: Laced pumps by Reign – Kenadeecole at Nº21
Necklace: Repurposed charm necklace by Yummy – Polyester Partridge at Nº21
Bracelet: Vine bracelets by Sigma – Sofi Trenkins at Tres Chic

Car seat: Checkered cab seat by Consignment – ValiantCo. at Uber


Poses by Bauhaus Movement – Loulou Teichman

Poupées de porcelaine

Poupées de porcelaine

Hello beauties! Today is a day to remember the good things that happened to me while blogging and also to show you the newest release from Dead Dollz at The Fantasy Collective and the new release from Glam Affair at Summerfest.

So FB let’s you remember stuff you did over the years and I checked mine today and I did last year a post celebrating that I was chosen to be a Glam Affair blogger that day. So it’s been a whole year been their blogger, you probably know that is my favorite store and I’m so grateful I’m still part of it. And coincidentally I showed on that post the skin Glam Affair released for Summerfest and today I’m doing the same thing, It’s been a whole year also to improve my skills on taking pictures and meeting wonderful new people, so I don’t regret anything that has come to me during this year while blogging, I love the stores that support this blog and I’m so grateful that I can blog for them.

So today as a year ago I’m showing you today the new skin Glam Affair released for Summerfest, it’s called Yolandi and it’s available in Artic, Asia and Jamaica and for each tone there are 8 different makeups for you to buy. With each makeup you’ll get the usual 8 eyebrow color skin version, a no brow version and 5 suggested eyebrow shapes. On the pictures below you can check each tone and each makeup available. Btw, the hair I’m wearing in those pictures is one of the releases from Tableau Vivant for Shiny Shabby it’s called Morgan and if you get it you will not only get the female version but also the male version which can come handy if you need it for your male avi if you have one of course.

Oh btw, Magika is having a 50% off summer sale on all her mesh hairs until June 30th. so be sure you go there to get your favorite styles on a discounted prize.

Hair: Morgan by Tableau Vivant - M4ri1yn Magic at Shiny Shabby

Hair: Morgan by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at Shiny Shabby

Yolandi-Asia Yolandi-Jamaica

I’m wearing above: 

Skin: Yolandi in Artic 04 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Summerfest
Hair: Lessons by Magika – Sabina Gully
Bodysuit: Elsa in pink by Dead Dollz – Kiddo Oh at The Fantasy Collective
Necklace: Spring garden necklace by Yummy – Polyester Partridge at Nº21

I’m wearing below:

Skin: Yolandi in Asia 05 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Summerfest
Hair: You by Magika – Sabina Gully
Bodysuit: Elsa in gold by Dead Dollz – Kiddo Oh at The Fantasy Collective
Jewelry: Pearl rain season 3 set by Mandala – Kikunosuke Eel



Hello beauties! Today a new round of Nº21 starts so get ready your mouse clicks to try to enter to the event cos I’m sure it will be full but also I’m sure you’ll love this round, there are plenty of great designs by designers like Reign, Moon, Yummy, Tarte, Addams, Blueberry and more. So have fun shopping!

Today I wanted to make a more explainable post about the appliers that Glam Affair offers for the Lelutka Mesh Heads. As you’ll know by now Glam Affair was the first skin designer who offered appliers for these mesh heads, now you have a variety of designers that not only do skin appliers but also makeups, actually here is the list of all the designers that do either skin appliers or makeups.

Every applier that Glam Affair offers works with any of the 6 mesh head models, so it’s no problem if you own one mesh head, all of the appliers will work with it. The first appliers that were released have eyeshadows and lipstick included but you could choose the color of the eyebrows, on the new appliers as you’ll see in the picture below you not only can choose the base of the skin depending on the color of the eyebrows but also you can choose whatever eyeshadow and lipstick you want.


The best part about this is that you can buy different type of appliers and mix and match with others, actually sometimes I use the skin base from the first appliers that were released and mix them with the eyeshadows or lipsticks from the new ones only by playing with the appliers hud and the lelutka mesh head hud or I just use the lipsticks that were released with the first mesh heads  and that are still available at the Lelutka mainstore. But how do I mix them? well super easy, I just hide or show the lipstick and eyeshadow from the mesh head hud. I tend to mix a lot using different type of skin bases with different makeups only to get the look that I want and look different too, cos I know for many looking the same to others is an issue, but try different appliers and I’m pretty sure you’ll look different than someone else, besides another thing that you can do is also try different type of eyelashes and not only the ones that come with the head, you have endless posibilites to enjoy your mesh head.

So there is a new release from Glam Affair at Shiny Shabby called Avril, this are only lelutka mesh head appliers and it’s available in America, Artic and Jamaica tones. On the picture below you’ll see the different makeups. Remember, you can mix them I just mix them in an easy way so i could show you the different colors and shades available with this applier.


I’m Wearing: 

Head: Stella by Lelutka – Jadenart
Head applier: Avril by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Shiny Shabby
Hair: Celeste by Truth – Truth Hawks
Shirt: Luisa by Spirit – Spirit Osmus at Shiny Shabby
Nose ring: Kelly septum – Ruby and opal by Yummy – Polyester Partridge at Nº21
Nails applier: Spring beauty set by Nailed It – Giela Delpaso at On9



Hello Beauties! I wanted to share the big news with you, now I’m blogger for N21 so I will feature stuff from there more often. Its new round is starting tomorrow at noon, so get your wallets ready cos there are amazing stuff for you this round, and I wanted to show you the latest release from Yummy for N21.

Shiny Shabby just opened it’s doors at noon today and Glam Affair is releasing a new version on Grazia in Asia, Jamaica and Polar in 6 different makeups. Each makeup comes with 7 eyebrow colors, a no brow version and 5 suggested eyebrow shapes.

Grazia-Asia Grazia-Jamaica Grazia-Polar

For this post I used one of the props from Exposeur at the Pose Fair, remember you only have until the 25th to visit, so don’t miss it!

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Grazia in Asia 03 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Shiny Shabby
Hair: Peggy by Mina – Mina Nakamura at Kustom9
Romper: Calypso Teddy by Fishy Strawberry – Fae Eriksen at Kustom9
Shoes: Mumbai by Essenz – Senzati0n Domenitzo
Necklace: Open heart pendant by Yummy – Polyester Partridge at Nº21
Bracelet: To the moon and back by Yummy – Polyester Partridge at Nº21

Prop: Sartorialist Showcase by Exposeur – RubyStarlight Write at Pose Fair

White punks on dope

White punks on dope

Hello beauties! A new round of Collabor88 just started last weekend so today I wanted to show some of the new releases that Baiastice and Tee*fy have there.

For the ones that don’t know it yet my favorite band in the whole universe is Mötley Crüe so I named my post as one of my favorite songs from them which is “white punks on dope” it’s from one of their firsts albums called New Tattoo that was released in 1981, by then I wasn’t even born yet but this guys were already rocking out. They’re having their last tour this year, they will never play again as Mötley Crüe, I’m crossing my fingers to go to their concert in Mexico City on September, I cant even imagine to watch my favorite band at my favorite city, so wish me luck!

I’m wearing on the right: 

Skin: Katra (party) in Asia 06 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: One way or another by Exile – Kavar Cleanslate at Collabor88
Bra: Charlie bra by Baiastice – Sissy Pessoa at Collabor88
Skirt: Sava HW skirt by Baiastice – Sissy Pessoa at CCollabor88
Boots: Stagioni boots by Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle
Tattoo: Entities by Speakeasy – JamesEdwardQ
Collar: Punk collar by Yummy – Polyester Partridge at Collabor88
Eyebrow earring: Safety pin by Yummy – Polyester Partridge at Collabor88
Earrings and Bracelets: Loa happy magic skulls by Maxi Gossamer
Bracelets: Voodoo rocker by Maxi Gossamer

I’m wearing on the left:

Skin: Katra (party) in Asia02 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: No regret by No.Match – Viking at On9
Shirt: Cropped t-shirt by Tee*fy – Azure Electricteeth at Collabor88
Shorts: Dainty shorts by Fashionably Dead – Toast Bard at Collabor88
Boots: Juliette by Fri.Day – Darling Monday at Collabor88
Tattoo: Agilkia by Letis Tattoo – Leti Hax

Skull head: Skull plant pot – Fight it by Consignment – ValiantCo at Collabor88


Outsider by by Fri.Day – Darling Monday at Xiasumi School Festival
Zerkalo 60 by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman (Store under construction)