Skirt: Frensas Mesh Leather Skirt Blueberry (No Free)
Corset: Snow Corset Adoness (No Free)
Bangs: Milky Way Bangles Mandala (No Free)

The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room became one of my favourite spots in Second Life to shop. There’s always any kind of excitement when a new collection is coming out. It has clothing, shoes, skins, hair and accessories from the best designers at a discounted price. At The Dressing Room you dress well and save up some money, so it’s worth going there every week.

Dress: Bandage Dress Pastel Tones Ricielli (No Free)

Accessories: Pastel Cocktail (Ring, Earings and Necklace) Glow Studio Sold Separetaly (No Free)

TP to The Dressing Room

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