Someone new

Someone new

Hello beauties! Uber started a new round on the 25th and this month you’ll find lots of fun athletic stuff so get ready your wallets and go buy all those fun things you can find there. For this round of Uber, Glam Affair released a new version of the beautiful Katra called ballerina in 3 different tones: Europa, Jamaica and Polar. There are 6 different makeups for each tone and each makeup will come with 7 different eyebrow colors, a no brow version and 5 suggested eyebrow shapes. The eyes I’m wearing for the pictures below are from Ikon and it’s a new release for Shiny Shabby.


                                   Eyes: Triumph eyes by Ikon – Ikon Innovia at Shiny Shabby

Katra-Jamaica Katra-Pollar

I’m wearing in the right: 

Katra ballerina in Europa 04 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Olympia by Truth – Truth Hawks at Uber
Top gym 2.0 by Addams – AmaliaRainwood at Uber
Cora by Just Because – Annie Melson at Uber
Tube socks by Izzie’s – Izzie Button
Tailors by Reign & Flite – KenadeeCole at Uber

I’m wearing on the center:

Skin: Katra ballerina in Polar 04 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Emily by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at Kustom9
Vesper by Dead Dollz – Kiddo Oh at Shiny Shabby
Bologna by Essenz – Senzati0n Domenitzo
Pyramid by Tetra – Nataporolo at Tres Chic

I’m wearing on the left:

Skin: Katra ballerina in Jamaica 01 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Martina by Entwined – VivienMarli at Shiny Shabby
Bonnie by Gizza – Giz Seorn at Shiny Shabby
Amsterdam by Essenz – Senzati0n Domenitzo at Shiny Shabby
Jewelry set:
Celestine by Pure Melody – Sibyl Melodie at Tres Chic
Karla by Label Motion – Anne Dakun at Shiny Shabby


Treadmill by N4rs – Alecat Breda at Uber
Ezra sofa by The Loft – Colleen Desmoulins at Shiny Shabby
Wooden rug by The Loft – Colleen Desmoulins at Shiny Shabby
Ezra lamp by The Loft – Colleen Desmoulins at Shiny Shabby
My grandma’s pillows by Knick Knacks – Natacha Haroldsen at Cosmopolitan
Mademoiselle de la seigliere (books) by Knick Knacks – Natacha Haroldsen at Cosmopolitan
Bauhaus desk set by Convair – Tobias Convair at Shiny Shabby
Home art canvas by Toiz – Marinstella at Shiny Shabby (Gacha prize)



Hello beauties! Today a new round of Kustom9 started, I know the region will be full but you should definetely try to get there as it has amazing stuff from the best designers, but while you wait you can check the catalog that Essential Inventory prepared for this event on this link. Uber is almost over but I wanted to show you this pretty dress that Glam Affair released for it, if you haven’t gone to Uber yet or you didn’t get this dress you have few days to do it, remember the new round of Uber starts on the 25th.

It’s all about summer on the current round of Collabor88 and today I wanted to show you part of what Tres Blah, Imeka and LaGyo have there. Finally, please don’t forget that tomorrow IDK opens it’s new round tomorrow at midday.

I’m wearing on the right: 

Skin: Summer V3 in America 01 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Benita by Truth – Truth Hawks
Romper: Cheeky romper by Tres Blah – Julliette Westerburg at Collabor88
Shoes: Mesh stud platforms by Bleich – Samantha Bleich at Kustom9
Necklace: Eclipse necklace by Fetch – distorteddreams at IDK
Bracelets: Brisa by Ie.QED – Sigifaust at Kustom9
Sunglasses: PU2003 by Glamistry
Ice cream cone: Italian ice cream with cherry by Imeka – NatyWilliams at Collabor88
Towel bag: Beach towel tote by Dust Bunny – lxlnoel at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)

I’m wearing on the left:

Skin: SummerV3 in America 02 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Lucretia by Truth – Truth Hawks
Dress: Sophie by Glam Affair – Amberly Boccaccio at Uber
Necklace: Panarea by LaGyo – Gyorgyna Larnia at Collabor88
Bracelets: Nidhi bangles by Izzie’s – Izzie Button at Uber
Sunglasses: Sunnies by Tres Blah – Julliette Westerburg at Collabor88
Bag: Fancy tote bags by Milk Motion – Marie Lauridsen at The Chapter Four (Rare gacha prize)


Miya beach hut by Trompe Loeil – Cory Edo at Collabor88
Outdoor couch by Kalopsia – Isabeau Baragula at Kustom9
Metal lamp by Kalopsia – Isabeau Baragula at Kustom9
Magazine pile (Spring Edition) by Kalopsia – Isabeau Baragula at Kustom9
Shade umbrella by Dust Bunny – lxlnoel at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Folding side table by Dust Bunny – lxlnoel at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Lounging chair by Dust Bunny – lxlnoel at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Fresh strawberry water by Dust Bunny – lxlnoel at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Coral by Dust Bunny – lxlnoel at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Costal bases by Dust Bunny – lxlnoel at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Flip flops by Dust Bunny – lxlnoel at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Beach bag.chevron by Dust Bunny – lxlnoel at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Shell by Dust Bunny – lxlnoel at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Shell by Dust Bunny – lxlnoel at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)

Poses: Aurora by Imeka – NatyWilliams at Kustom9



Hello beauties! Today I want to show you some pretty things from Kawaii Project, Collabor88 and N21.

All of what you see on the set is part of the new gacha Glam Affair has at Kawaii Project, there are 2 rares. It’s so so pretty that I know you’ll want to have it all to decor your home. Another release from Glam Affair is another version of Ellie, it’s called Candy Girl a pretty nice colourful skin that you can get in Asia and Jamaica, each tone is available in 6 different makeups, as always you’ll get 7 different eyebrow color, a no brow option and 5 suggested eyebrow shapes.

Ellie-Asia Ellie-Jamaica

My hair is the new release from Little Bones at N21 it comes in the regular hair color packs, by the way the hud from Little Bones has been renewed, I like the way they are now as it’s easier at least for me to pick each color, anyways those hair textures are so well done that I know you’ll love this hair as much as I did.

My shoes are from Ingenue and each pair comes with a version for Slink flat feet, Belleza and Maitreya mesh bodies. My stockings are from Izzie’s and they are appliers for the Maitreya’s mesh body.

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Ellie – Candy Girl in Asia 02 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Kawaii Project
Hair: Berry by Little Bones – Nova Faerye at N21
Shirt: Constance blouse by Tres Blah – Julliette Westerburg at Collabor88
Skirt: Kinley skirt by Tres Blah – Julliette Westerburg at Collabor88
Shoes: Danja oxfords by Ingenue -Betty Doyle at Collabor88
Stockings: Heart Tights by Izzie’s – Izzie Button

Bedroom set: Lust bedroom corner by Glam Affair – Amberly Boccaccio at The Kawaii Project (Gacha prizes)

Pose: Lazy by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman



Hello beauties! A new round of Uber just started today, this months theme is Macabre and you will find lots of stuff to wear for this weekend halloween parties, but not only for that ’cause there are designers that have done stuff not only for halloween but for the everyday wearing. There are tones of amazing things so you should go and check them out ;)

So today I dressed up like a dark ballerina princess and use this beautiful outfit from Zenith and this amazing skin by Izzie’s. There are three skins available, the one I’m wearing today is called Qopi, it only comes in frost tone and it has three versions black, dark and no braw those three with cleaveage option, a modifiable shape and slink appliers which includes the physique applier. My eyes are mesh and they are also from Izzie’s too they come in two version: black and white, this package also contains a pair of horns.

Dark princess

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Qopi by Izzie’s – Izzie Button at Uber
Hair: Feronia by Truth – Truth Hawks
Dress: Orianna lace dress by Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at Uber
Collar: Orianna lace collar Zenith – Miffyhoi Rosca at Uber
Feet: Ballerina feet by Glam Affair – M4ri1yn Magic
Crown: Princess tiara by Glam Affair – M4ri1yn Magic


Tightrope: Cirque de Riverie – Tightrope (Blanc) by Anc – Aki69 for Tag Gacha (Gacha prize)
Chairs: Cirque de Riverie – White chair by Anc – Aki69 for Tag Gacha (Gacha prize)
Balls: Cirque de Riverie – Balls (Blanc) by Anc – Aki69 for Tag Gacha (Gacha prize)

I’ll hunt you

I'll hunt you

Hello beauties! I must say that I miss my vampire days sometimes so I wanted to dress up and start getting ready for the halloween festivities.

Before I mention what I’m wearing for this pic, let me talk to you about Sneak Peek a new monthly event run by all the amazing masterminds behind Penumbra, this round starts on the 25th and it will end on November 5th. This event will bring you sophisticated and affordable styles.

My bloody collar and bracelets are from Izzie’s and guess what they are completely free and that gift not only consists on what I’m wearing but also you’ll get some dripping blood for you eyes.

Remember I told you that the mystery prize from Glam Affair was amazing? Well today I wanted to show you one of the three gifts you’ll get and is this beautiful skin in pearl with great smoked black eyeshadows. So keep playing girls to get this great mystery prizes from Glam Affair.

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Lindsey by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing for Tag Gacha (Mystery Prize)
Hair: Helka by Zibska – Zib Scaggs (Group Gift/200L to join)
Dress: Janieke gown by Leri Miles Designs – Leri Miles at Sneak Peek
Collar and bracelets: Blood dripping set by Izzie’s – Izzie Button (Gift/0L)
Head ornament: Lake sticks by Glam Affair – Amberly Boccaccio at Fame-shed
Earrings: Voodoo rocker by Maxi Gossamer
Blood mouth makeup: A little blood on lips by Redrum – Mzzy Wytchwood

Pose: Sacred by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman



I was talking to a friend yesterday and I showed him this pic and he said something like: “oh but she even looks like a good girl” and yes I’m a good girl, so give me hugs lol. Anyway, I kinda take a second look to the pic and yeah I looked like a good girl and kinda grounded, I think I ground myself sometimes for example for not having much time to interact with my friends in SL and stay most of the time on my platform doing pictures, scenes, trying poses or doing outfits. So I’m sorry to my longtime and not so longtime friends, I love you a lot I just don’t know how to show it to you.

For this post I wanna thank Sophia Harlow for various reasons, one is that she opened her sim to the public to take pictures, second the music is so good I’m so into music and this sim has amazing tunes, the decoration is so nice, I mean, this place is amazing lots of spots to take outdoor and indoors pics and you can even rez your own pose stands or pose balls. And finally thanks to her for been so nice, you’ve helped me a lot and you’ve been very nice to me when I asked you something, you’re terrific.

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Penny by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Season’s Story
Hair: Myst by Tableau Vivant – M4rilyn Magic at The Mystic Realms Faire Sim 1
Cap: Fall cap by Lybra – Natzuka Miliandrovic (Group Gift – 500L to join)
Sweater: Lace mock turtleneck by Fishy Strawberry – Fae Eriksen at Kustom9
Shorts: Lace shorts by Fishy Strawberry – Fae Eriksen at Kustom9
Socks: Garter socks by Izzie’s – Izzie Button
Boots: Lavie by Reign – KenadeeCole at Customs

Place: Sacred



One of the coolest things of being a blogger is meeting new people and make new friends and in this journey I’ve met wonderful people not only bloggers but designers as well. So today my post is a collaboration with one of the greatest people I’ve met on this journey, Tessa. This girl is super fun and a great blogger but foremost a great friend ’cause she’s been very supportive and nice to share with me and with others helpful tips on blogging.

As my friend Tessa stated on her post, blogging is not a way to receive free things from designers, is not having a full inventory of gifts, blogging is about meeting new people, share your creativity, learn how to interact with others and improve your blogging skills every day. One of the things that someone who wants to blog or is already blogging has to remember is that no one owes anything, a designer doesn’t have the obligation to give you his/hers stuff for you to post, I’ve always found rude for designers that some bloggers complaint that they haven’t give them stuff to blog, even if you’re sponsorshiped by a certain brand is nice to support the designer sometimes buying things that haven’t been given to you ’cause for most of them its a RL income what they get out of Second Life. So, if you started blogging or you wanna start blogging, get ready for fun and madness ;)

I’m wearing:

Skin: Penny by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Seasons Story
Hair: Thalia by Truth – Truth Hawks at The Mystic Realms Faire sim 2
Coat: Tiffany coat by Pepe – Pepehair at The Seasons Story
Tights: High wasted tights basic by Izzie’s – Izzie Button
Shoes: London by Essenz – Senzati0n Domenitzo at Vintage and Cool Fair

Pose: Carol by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman at The Liaison Collaborative

On Tessa:
Click here for credits

Place: Umbral

Rock on! \m/

Rock on! \m/

Hello beauties! Tomorrow is monday and I wish you a great week full of fun and of course shopping! ;)

I love rock since I remember, but I started to really follow the music and artists when I was 11 and MTV was not only a cable channel but it was featured in national television in my country. I remembered that I fell in love with my favourite bassist till now Mr. Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe, cry when Kurt Cobain died, buy my first album which was the black album from Metallica and listen to my mom over and over again that this music was from the devil. I think I’ll love rock forever and I will still enjoy going to concerts to watch my favourite artists.

Today I felt being a little bit rockish and I put together the outfit I’m showing you today. My spiked bustier is from Whatever, you can buy it in 15 different colours and each one of them comes with a hud where you can change the color of the spikes in 5 different metal colours, this item will be available on the 8th at The Black Fashion Fair. My shorts are from Deer and are pretty customisable with the hud provided, I bought the fatback but you can get it in a package of three different color shades.

As for the accessories, the boots are from Whatever, you can find them in 12 different colours and you can change the color of the metals with the hud provided. My hair is the new release from Tableau Vivant for Fameshed. My tattoos are a new release from Bolson and it comes with the hud to apply it to Slink hands. Last but not least my collar is from Maxi Gossamer and it’s available at Collabor88 that by the way it will closed on the 7th and open again with a new round on the 8th., so get ready for some Greek madness.

My pose is a new release from Izzie’s for The Dressing Room. It’s a pack of 5 leaning poses with mirror poses and pose balls.

I’m wearing:

Skin: Rose 02 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Hair: Andree by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at Fameshed
Bustier: Spiked bustier by Whatever – Anna Grey at Black Fashion Fair opens on August 8th.
Shorts: Cargo belt shorts by Deer – Sidofox Zsun
Sandals: Gladiator sandals by Whatever – Anna Grey
Collar: Vallari metal ring neck collar by Maxi Gossamer at Collabor88
Tattoo: Mr. Bolton by Bolson – ChewbaccaNotDead
Pose: Leaning pose by Izzie’s – Izzie Button at The Dressing Room


Slink Mesh Head and Izzie’s Appliers

Mesh body attachments have been out in the grid for a long time already, we started with new feet, then hands, then lolas, then heads, then booties and I’ve seen a few mesh full bodies too. With all the body attachments came also the famous appliers, pretty much most of the skin brands have them on sale and now you just don’t buy the skin but  all the appliers available too, at least I do that.

But today I’m gonna talk you about the mesh heads. When one of the first mesh head was released, I bought it and I stop using it ‘cause I saw pretty much everyone using it and I didn’t found it fun to look like everyone else.

Most of you have noticed that Slink released two models of mesh heads, especially those of you that went to the Skin Fair. Becca and Emmy are the new mesh heads out on the market. I must admit I was not sure to buy them after my first experience with mesh heads, but I saw some designers released the applier and I tried the demo and I ended up buying it.

The face expression hud that comes with the head is just amazing, specially when you like to take pictures and give them a little bit of emotion.  I actually blogged the mesh head for the first time on my last post and I can tell you that taking pictures winking, smiling or surprinsing was really fun.

A few days ago I saw that Izzie Button from Izzie’s released the skin applier for the Slink mesh head. I saw that I could change most of the makeup, eyebrows, hair base and that was it, I fell in love with Slink’s mesh head. Here is the image of the hud so you can get the idea of what you can do with them. Just keep in mind that the makeup applier will only work if you already have the skin applier. (Thank you Izzie for letting me use the hud images)

Izzie's Slink Head Skin Applier

Izzie’s Slink Head Skin Applier

So today I’m showing you some of the face expressions of the mesh head and of course some of the different combinations you can do with Izzie’s Slink head applier. I’m also showing you the Slink French nail applier, a new jewelry set and new face and hands poses from Izzie’s. All of them are worth buying. ;)

Slink Mesh Head and Izzie’s Appliers

The left image is to show you how Izzie`s Slink mesh head applier looks like without make up. In the other ones I’m using the different options that the makeup hud has.

Slink Mesh Head and Izzie’s Appliers

Hair: Gloster Hair by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at The Deck
Hands: Point and Elegant hand by Slink – Siddeane Munro
Eyes: Promise Eyes by Ikon – Ikon Innovia
Head: Slink Visage Mesh Head by Slink – Siddeane Munro
Head Applier: Slink Visage Head Applier Maci by Izzie’s – Izzie Button
Makeup: Slink Visage Make-Up Applier Maci by Izzie’s – Izzie Button
Jewelry Set: Butterfly Jewelry Set Creme by Izzie’s – Izzie Button
Nails: Slink French Nails Applier Hud by Izzie’s – Izzie Button
Poses: Head & Hands Poses by Izzie’s – Izzie Button

Let it Snow

Hello Gorgeous! Here I am with another post showing you a beautiful dress with hair from Exile that is available over The Arcade. It did cost me to get the pack I wanted, but now I can have my hair blond, red or cyan. :P

I wanted to complement my outfit with this cute boots from SWW that are available until sunday over the Cosmopolitan Sales Room.

Don’t miss this amazing events. Have fun shopping and good luck on the gachas! Xoxo :)

Let it Snow

Dress: First Snow by Exile (Available at The Arcade)
Tights: High Waisted Tights by Izzie’s
Boots: Suede Ankle Boots Autumn 02 by SSW (Available at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room)