Belleza mesh body review

Belleza mesh body review

Hello beauties! Yesterday most of us got the update for the Belleza mesh body. For the ones that already owned this body and haven’t receive it yet, you can visit the Belleza mainstore and try de redelivery terminal placed there. I’ve already done reviews of the Slink Physique, you can check the post here and the Maitreya Lara that you can check it here, but this time I really wanted to review this body cos there’s a lot of new features and two new body shapes that are included when you either get the update or buy the body for the first time, plus I wanted to show you with pictures the 4 most popular bodies on sale so you can see the differences.

The hud is not so much different from the first hud but now includes options for example to hide in a proper way your feet and hands so you can have a better fit for Slink feet or Slink hands, there’s not a separate version of the body to wear this attachments anymore, making it easier. Actually the hud is self explanatory but I’m gonna tell you the differences with the first hud.


Skin tab: 

– New breast shape options
– Now you can hide or show the mesh nipples
– Skin color picker
– 7 slots to save skin appliers from other brands, the first hud used to have 8 slots
– Texture refresh button
– Option to turn on or off skin effects

Alpha tab:

– 128 alpha cuts
– More separated alpha parts: chest, back, upper arms, lower arms, pelvis, etc.
– 8 alpha save slots
– Neck sheath option plus 8 neck sizes for better fitting

Layers tab: (new tab)

– Blend or mask mode for clothing, underwear and tattoo layers
– Materials option for clothing, underwear and tattoo layers
– Gloves and socks layers added
– Texture refresh for clothing, underwear and tattoo layers
– Button to clear all layers

Hands & feet tab:

– New nail polish colors for finger and toe nails
– Point nails added
– Materials option
– Option to adjust the body to wear Slink feet and hands in a better way


There is a new hud called the wardrobe hud, this hud will allow you to save your layer outfits and to check them before wearing them, this hud is copy so that way it’s easier for you to wear an specific outfit for example you can have one hud for your winter outfits, then another one for your spring outfits and so on and this will help you to not to look into your inventory and wear each applier to check what it is for you to wear. On the first tab (Articles) you can save up to 20 appliers for each part either is the upper or lower part of your body. Do you see the little squares below apply and save? Well the first one is for tattoos, the second for underwear and the third for clothing. On the outfit tab you can save up to 10 outfits that of course can include clothing, underwear and tattoos.

Ok now let me show you the different type of bodies included in this update: (Warning: NSFW pictures below)




As you can see, there are big differences between the three bodies. Venus is the slimmest one, Freya  is the chubbiest and Isis is in between Venus and Freya. Personally I loved Isis, for me it’s perfect cos as a latina I love curves but not as much curves as Freya has. The great thing about this is that you can choose to wear the one you like the most depending on your outfit, your liking or the occasion.

I always liked the shape of the Venus body, but I stopped wearing it because of the alpha cuts and I have to be honest, the Maitreya Lara was released. I like this new version cos it has features that other bodies don’t, like the wardrobe hud for example and the way it’s designed for a better fit for the Slink feet and hands. I didn’t like the alpha cuts from the butt cos I can’t hide that part while wearing a swimsuit for example and also there is no division between the legs as Lara has, although I rarely use those cuts they can be helpful with certain clothing. One of the things I loved from this body is the alpha auto hiding, for example I wore the last release from Blueberry for Uber (that I posted here) with this body and it auto-hide all the parts that were needed to be hidden and I found this super useful. I also wore the Lelutka head to check if it fits and if you turn on the neck sheath on the hud it will fit but on the back part of the neck you will see some glitches. Definetely the mesh head of The Shops won’t fit.

I told you I was gonna show you pictures of the different bodies that I own and that are the most popular. Let’s start with Maitreya Lara.


This has been the perfect body for me. Actually is the one I always wear and the one that lately is the most popular according to different polls made. What I like about Maitreya is that most of the mesh I already owned fits as the alpha cuts are really good, I don’t get glitches while I wear layer clothing or tattoos and I prefer this one cos it has preloaded Glam Affair skin tones and is fully compatible with the Lelutka mesh head and I still can wear Slink hands and feet, although The Shops head won’t look good on it. It also has now a auto-hide alpha system which was well described on how to do it by Strawberry Singh on her blog, you can check that post here.


I like the way this body is full compatible with Slink hand and feet of course, the hud is easy to use, but personally I don’t like its shape that much and its alpha cuts still need improvement again on the butt part as I mentioned before for the Belleza mesh body and also the chest part, in general it doesn’t have enough alpha cuts. The Shops head looks better on this body and the Lelutka mesh head can be worn without any problem, you won’t even notice.


First of all I don’t own other than the free version of this body for one reason: I never liked it. I own mesh heads from The Shops and I even do a tutorial on them if you want you can check it here and the updated review here, but the body was first of all too expensive and after experiencing with the heads I found the hud complicated to use unlike the other mesh bodies I mentioned on this post. Other than that this body is not compatible with Slink hands and feet and it won’t fit the Lelutka mesh head either. If you have the free version of this body you won’t be able to use alpha cuts or even the skin of your choice cos the appliers will install but you won’t be able to use them so for this picture I used the skintone 10 and I did edit the part of the neck so it won’t be that noticeable with the skin from Glam Affair I wore for all the pics.

In conclusion, this is a great update it has so much features that I’m sure I will be using it more now. I know it’s hard to find the perfect body cos we were so used to the system body but it’s a great choice if you don’t own a mesh body yet as the greatest part is that you can choose between three different shapes of bodies according to your liking, but you can always tweek the appearance sliders to get the body you really want and it will be easier depending on the body built you like the most. There’s a lot of clothing, shoes and appliers made for this, so you won’t have any problem finding stuff to wear with it, besides it’s compatible with Omega appliers so you only have to get the omega system and those appliers will work with it. So I do recommend owning the Belleza mesh body, just try all the options you have on the market and stay with the one that suits you best.

Note: This is my personal point of view, I wasn’t been asked to make a review nor Belleza is sponsoring this blog or post. All the explainable pictures haven’t been edited except for cropping and the neck part of The Shops picture, they were taken on mid graphics and with AnaLutetia AvatarOpt2 Whiter windlight. 

I’m wearing on the explainable pictures: 

Skin: Yolandi in America 01 and 05 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Hair: Alessa by Entwined – Vivienmarli at Shiny Shabby

I’m wearing on the main picture:

Body: Isis by Belleza – Tricky Boucher
Skin: Yolandi in America 01 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Hair: Sunkissed by Tableau Vivant – M4rilyn Magic at Summerfest
Swimsuit: Angelina bikini by Glam Affair – Amberly Boccaccio at Summerfest
Shoes: Jessica plats by Reign – KenadeeCole at Uber
Jewelry: Savannah heart key – The complete collection by Maxi Gossamer at Uber


Summer set by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga at Summerfest
Anchorfloor light by Tarte – Alixbella at Summerfest
Herring gull by !Ohmai – Anya Ohmai at Summerfest

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