The country I love

The country I love

Hello beauties! Today I want to share great news about Glam Affair. There is a brand new satellite store where you will find past releases from different events where Glam Affair participated, this place is at The Pea and you can go now to check it out and get the skins you probably missed to buy. Another good news I wanted to tell you is that there is a new group gift from Glam Affair, some people were asking for Slink hand/feet appliers for Exotic and Tropic tones so now you can grab them for free, just check the notices on the Glam Affair update group. If you don’t have this group yet here is the link that you have to paste on your local chat to join secondlife:///app/group/ef8be113-2c1c-27e7-67c9-d59069d4947d/about

In other Glam Affair news, Aida released for Uber a new version of the pretty Yolandi in America and Europa, each tone is available in 6 different makeups and each makeup comes with the usual 8 eyebrow color version, a no brow version and 5 suggested eyebrow shapes.

Yolandi-America Yolandi-Europa

I’m wearing on the right: 

Skin: Yolandi in Europa 04 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Hair: Lyric by Truth – Truth Hawks
Shirt: valley top by Hucci – Eboni Khan at Uber
Shorts: WalnutHill shorts by Hucci – Eboni Khan at Uber
Shoes: Summer lovin wedges by Reign – KenadeeCole at Nº21
Companion: German sheperd companion by MishMish – Aime Takaaki at Uber

I’m wearing on the left:

Skin: Yolandi in America 05 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Hair: Bronwyn by Truth – Truth Hawks
Shirt: Knotted tops by Blueberry – Blueberryxx at Uber
Skirt: Denim lace skirt by Just Because – Annie Melson
Boots: Rustic boots by Ane – Anemysk Karu at Uber
Necklace: Celine necklace by Kibitz – Kathya Szczepanski at Shiny Shabby


Fennec Fox – Playful by +Half-Deer+ – Halogen Magic at Kustom9 (Gacha prize)
Fennec Fox – Kawaii by +Half-Deer+ – Halogen Magic at Kustom9 (Gacha prize)
Fennec Fox – Stargazing by +Half-Deer+ – Halogen Magic at Kustom9 (Gacha prize)
Rustic Bear Sculpture by +Half-Deer+ – Halogen Magic at Uber
Rustic Moose Sculpture by +Half-Deer+ – Halogen Magic at Uber
Cushioned stool (country kitchen) by Tarte – Alixxbella at Kustom9
Cushioned stool (blueberry) by Tarte – Alixbella at Kustom9
German Sheperd playing by by MishMish – Aime Takaaki at Uber
Cheeky Mailer and Flag by Cheeky Pea – Isla Gealach at Kustom9
Humid dusty cottage gacha {4} (Chairs) by Haikei – qo0op at Kustom9 (Gacha prize)
Boxes by Tentacio – May Tolsen at Shiny Shabby (Gacha prize)
Pillows by Tentacio – May Tolsen at Shiny Shabby (Gacha prize)
Tricycle by Tentacio – May Tolsen at Shiny Shabby (Gacha prize)
UPS the donuts package by Pink Acid/Black Bantam – Stasey Oller at Shiny Shabby (Rare gacha prize)
Fresh baked donuts grill by Pink Acid/Black Bantam – Stasey Oller at Shiny Shabby (Rare gacha prize)
Can rosemary by Toiz – marinestella at Shiny Shabby
Papercup cigarette by Toiz – marinestella at Shiny Shabby
Droop plant by Toiz – marinestella at Shiny Shabby
Star wall plank by Brixley – Isabelle Requiem at IDK

Pose on the right: My belle 13 by Bauhaus Movement – Loulou Teichman
Pose on the left: Natsu pose2 by Kirin – Carolina Sautereau at Kustom9


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