Poupées de porcelaine

Poupées de porcelaine

Hello beauties! Today is a day to remember the good things that happened to me while blogging and also to show you the newest release from Dead Dollz at The Fantasy Collective and the new release from Glam Affair at Summerfest.

So FB let’s you remember stuff you did over the years and I checked mine today and I did last year a post celebrating that I was chosen to be a Glam Affair blogger that day. So it’s been a whole year been their blogger, you probably know that is my favorite store and I’m so grateful I’m still part of it. And coincidentally I showed on that post the skin Glam Affair released for Summerfest and today I’m doing the same thing, It’s been a whole year also to improve my skills on taking pictures and meeting wonderful new people, so I don’t regret anything that has come to me during this year while blogging, I love the stores that support this blog and I’m so grateful that I can blog for them.

So today as a year ago I’m showing you today the new skin Glam Affair released for Summerfest, it’s called Yolandi and it’s available in Artic, Asia and Jamaica and for each tone there are 8 different makeups for you to buy. With each makeup you’ll get the usual 8 eyebrow color skin version, a no brow version and 5 suggested eyebrow shapes. On the pictures below you can check each tone and each makeup available. Btw, the hair I’m wearing in those pictures is one of the releases from Tableau Vivant for Shiny Shabby it’s called Morgan and if you get it you will not only get the female version but also the male version which can come handy if you need it for your male avi if you have one of course.

Oh btw, Magika is having a 50% off summer sale on all her mesh hairs until June 30th. so be sure you go there to get your favorite styles on a discounted prize.

Hair: Morgan by Tableau Vivant - M4ri1yn Magic at Shiny Shabby

Hair: Morgan by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at Shiny Shabby

Yolandi-Asia Yolandi-Jamaica

I’m wearing above: 

Skin: Yolandi in Artic 04 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Summerfest
Hair: Lessons by Magika – Sabina Gully
Bodysuit: Elsa in pink by Dead Dollz – Kiddo Oh at The Fantasy Collective
Necklace: Spring garden necklace by Yummy – Polyester Partridge at Nº21

I’m wearing below:

Skin: Yolandi in Asia 05 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Summerfest
Hair: You by Magika – Sabina Gully
Bodysuit: Elsa in gold by Dead Dollz – Kiddo Oh at The Fantasy Collective
Jewelry: Pearl rain season 3 set by Mandala – Kikunosuke Eel


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