Keep Running!

Keep Running!

Hello beauties! Sorry for the absence this past week but I’ve been busy studying in RL. So I’m back today to show you some stuff available at Fameshed and Xiasumi School Festival.

Xiasumi School Festival opened today and you’ll find lots of things, hundreds of designers are releasing stuff for it and everything is divided by school clubs like: supernatural, art, wood work, music and sports. So besides you’ll feel that you’re back to school and remember al your teenage years, you’ll find amazing stuff by the greatest designers in SL. Also another round of Fameshed just started with the great designers they always have, for this round Gos is back to Fameshed and also Half – Deer is participating this month. By the way, Fameshed anniversary is next month so get ready for another fabulous round full of surprises.

Another thing I wanted to talk to you about are the new heads Lelutka just released. I won’t be doing a tutorial on them as Strawberry Singh did a great one on her blog (click here to see it), there she’ll explain all the features of them. Anyways I wanted to tell you a bit about them, these mesh heads are full compatible with the Maitreya mesh body and it also works for Slink Physique, it comes with 4 alphas (head no eyes, head with eyes, body and head no eyes and body and head with eyes), basic appliers for lipstick, eyeshadows and hair bases and a bun. With the hud you can change the skin tones, the intensity of the eyeshadows and lipstick, the neck size and also you can choose to have your mouth open, hide or show your ears, blink or no blink eyes and you can also choose the type of eyelashes you want to wear. All the skin tones are from Glam Affair and I gotta say that Aida Ewing did a magnificent work doing appliers for the three heads and lipsticks.

I’m gonna tell you more about the Glam Affair appliers, every single applier for sale at Lelutka mainstore works for every type of head you have, so even if it says Leda you can wear them with your Ever head or with Aria. To really see the makeups on this appliers you have to hide the eyeshadows and lipstick from the head hud so here is a tip for you guys so you don’t get confused when you wear this appliers on your mesh heads. Every applier is available in Africa, America, Asia, Artic, Exotic, Europa, India, Jamaica, Petal and Tropic. Each applier comes with 5 color options for your eyebrows: Blonde, Red, Brown, Dark and no brow and there are available also for sale different colors of lipstick. On the pictures below I’ll show you each makeup available as applier and also the different mesh heads available, my head looks a bit different from the original as I edit the shape of my head and this is something I really like from this as I can change some features of it like the head size and the head stretch.

Aria Ever Leda

Overall I gotta say I really liked this mesh heads, specially because they are super easy to use, the hud is self explainable and I’m sure there will be lots of appliers from different brands in the future. As for Glam Affair, Aida Ewing will keep doing appliers for this fabulous heads.

I’m wearing on the right 

Head: Leda by Lelutka – Jadenart
Head applier: Leda 02 in Asia by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Lelutka
Hair: Lush by Clawtooth – Bubbles Clawtooth at Fameshed
Hoodie: Sunday Zip Hoodie by Fishy Strawberry – Fae Eriksen at Fameshed
Shorts: Leather shorts by Fishy Strawberry – Fae Eriksen at Fameshed
Shoes: Nylon chucks by Fatestep – Damien Fate

I’m wearing on the left:

Head: Ever by Lelutka – Jadenart
Head applier: Leda in Asia 07 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Lelutka
Hair: Maiko by Wasabi Pills – MissAllSunday Lemon at Xiasumi School Festival
Outfit: My sport look #6 by Demi – Poroory at Xiasumi School Festival (Gacha Prize)
Shoes: No rush by Balkanik 2.0 – ZlatanBLK Djannovic at Xiasumi School Festival


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