Can’t catch us

Can't catch us

Hello beauties! Another collab post for you, but this time I’m sharing this post with not only a great blogger and photographer but a great guy, that will be Mr. jaynathan a.k.a Jay Tedder Murs. We Decorate SL (with passion) is organising a new event called 6th. Republic, this will be a decor and furniture event with great designers and Jay is part of the organising team.

To check what Jay is wearing click here ( Gracias Bubu! :* )

I’m wearing:

Skin: Alice (Cygana) in Asia 04 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Hair: Blown away by Exile – Kavar Cleanslate
Dress: Kate dress by Gizza – Giz Seorn at Shiny Shabby


Heroes Helicopter by What Next – Winter Thorn at The Arcade Gacha (Rare gacha prize)
Travel Teddy by Epia – Verone Potez (Gacha Prize)
Storage Cart by Revival – Momentous at Shiny Shabby
Book pile 1 by Revival – Momentous at Fameshed
Book pile 2 by Revival – Momentous at Fameshed
Tree light by Concept – Conceptdesign at Shiny Shabby
Writers desk by Floorplan – Tegan Serin at Shiny Shabby
Hanging poster/luna park by Floorplan – Tegan Serin
Nile string light hangers by Cheeky Pea – Isla Gealach at Shiny Shabby
Coin operated binoculars by Consignment – ValiantCo
Shabby chair decor by Hideki – Hideki Carami at Shiny Shabby
Shabby closet by by Hideki – Hideki Carami at Shiny Shabby
Cirque de reverie blanc/white chair by Anc – Anc Aki
Honey pie windows and wood planks by Reverie – Paolla Flux at Shiny Shabby
Plant stand by Junk – Tab Tatham at Shiny Shabby
Window frame lights by Junk – Tab Tatham at Shiny Shabby
Lounge pillow by We’re Closed – Mandingo Quan
Canvas shoes by Mudhoney – Rayvn Hynes at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Biscuit tin box by Kunst – Kunst Himmel at Shiny Shabby
Turtle container by Xin – Jaix at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Desk Fan by Xin – Jaix at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Vintage television by Xin – Jaix at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Hong kong dining table by Xin – Jaix at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha prize)
Recycled plates trolley by EliBaily – ShuteDeLory at The Mens Department
Wino’s cork board by Fancy Decor by Jake Vordun at The Showroom
Bird cage by Pixel Mode – Tya Fallingbridge at Shiny Shabby
Projector Vintage by Tartesessos Art – Nico Griffith
Shaw’s painting Cabinet by Kuro&Consignment – ValiantCo at Kustom9
Laundry basket by Oyasumi – Kenzo Gateaux at The Arcade Gacha (Gacha Prize)


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