Hello beauties! Fameshed just opened its doors on the first and is full of pretty things and in a new sim only for it, also The Chapter Four is opening its doors in a few hours and there is a new release from Glam Affair that I’m sure you’ll love it.

8f8 released at Fameshed this amazing furniture and decor set in two versions: colorful which is the one I’m showing you today and naturals, you can choose to buy the whole set which includes the bed, the tin cans, the lamps, the boxes, and the picture clips, or you can choose to get each one of them and do a mix and match with the other color set.

Glam Affair is releasing a new version of Ellie and a new skin called Sophie in Asia and Jamaica and they will be placed at the 2×1 section, so you’ll get one makeup from Ellie and one makeup from Sophie in the same package. In the package you’ll get, 7 eyebrow colors, one no brow version and 5 suggested eyebrow shapes for each makeup.


The hair you see above is from Little Bones and it’s called Cat Burglar and it’s available at N21. In each color hud you’ll also get to choose the color of the scarf.

My sweater is from Fishy Strawberry and you can change the color of the buttons in 13 different colors. They are literally a gem which makes this sweater pretty cute.

I’m Wearing: 

Skin: Sophie in Asia 03 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Chapter Four
Hair: Crystal Days by Little Bones – Nova Faerye at Fameshed
Dress: Bailey by Coquet – Tabitha Marquez at Fameshed
Sweater: Bejewelled Cardigan by Fishy Strawberry – Fae Eriksen at Fameshed
Boots: LouLou by Just Design – Davidefre at Fameshed

Furniture and decor: Indoor DIY Spring by 8f8 at Fameshed
Doggie: Poodle by MishMish – Aime Takaaki

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman


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