Hello beauties! I can’t get enough of this months round of Uber, so today I wanted to show you the new releases from Ane and also some new releases from Zibska.

And released three type of dresses for Uber, the one I’m using is the Celestial Double Layer dress, I wear this one so you can see pretty much the other dresses as this is a mixture between the other two. This dress will come with a hud where you can change its color of the two parts of the dress into 20 different textures for the top layer and 10 different colors for the bottom layer.  The hud will also let you hide the top layer or the bottom layer, so by buying the Celestial Double Layer dress you’ll actually get three dresses for one.

My boots is a release from Zibska at its mainstore and it comes with a hud where you can change the color of the boot, the heel and the platform separately in 14 different colors, so with this boots you can play a cool mix and match. My collar is from Zibska too and it’s available at The Secret Affair, with the hud you can choose into 14 colours for the beads, 12 colours for the gems and 5 metal colours for chains.

I’m Wearing: 

Skin: Ellie in Asia 04 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Uber
Hair: Echo by Truth – Truth Hawks
Dress: Celestial Double Layer Dress by Ane – Anemysk Karu at Uber
Boots: Svea by Zibska – Zib Scaggs
Collar: Madeleine by Zibska – Zib Scaggs at The Secret Affair

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman


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