Hello Beauties! Just a quick post to show you the new release from Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant at Creation.JP.

Miko rainbow is the new release from Glam Affair for Creation.JP, it’s available in Artic and Asia in 6 beautiful and colorful makeups, each one come with 7 different eyebrow colors and a no brow option plus 5 suggested eyebrow shapes.


Hair: Re-Tied by Epoque


Tableau Vivant release two new hair styles, Breeze which is available in the male and female version and Harukaze. All of them are available in the regular hair color packs.

My setting is mostly from 8f8 and those pretty little pink birds with candles are from a gacha from Anc.

Please don’t forget there are some pretty dresses for sale with a 50% discount at Dead Dollz during the holidays. Don’t miss it!

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Miko rainbow in Asia 07 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Creation.JP
Hair: Breeze by Tableau Vivant – M4ri1yn Magic at Creation.JP
Earrings: Classic pearl studd by Glow Studio – Jocelyn Anatine


Chinese garden whole collection by 8f8
Vintage birds I and II by 8f8 (Gacha prize)
Cocktailbird by Anc – Aki69 (Gacha prize)


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