The show is over

The show is over

Hello beauties! This is the last week of the Cirque de Seraphim and if you haven’t been there yet you still have some days to participate and support a great cause. Remember that this event is to raise awareness about animal cruelty and support ASCPA.

Talking about animal cruelty I want to share with you an amazing story that happened in my country (Ecuador) last week when “Huairasinchi” adventure race took place, while the Swedish team called Peak Performance were racing in a province called Esmeraldas an stray dog approach them and someone from the team gave him a meatball so this dog stick with the team and followed them during the whole race, the dog walked, hiked, swim approximately 400 kms to cross the finish line with his new teammates. They named him Arthur and now he’s not a stray dog anymore as they took Arthur with them to Sweden, Arthur now is a happy dog and of course the new member of the Peak Performance team, so if you are into adventure races you’ll probably see Arthur racing again. I tried to find a video about this story in english but I only found some in spanish, you’ll understand his story anyway through the images shown. And here you can check the whole Peak Performance team including Arthur

I’m wearing: 

Skin: Angelica by Glam Affair at Kustom9
Hair: Ambrosia by Truth – Truth Hawks at Uber
Bodysuit: Trapeze outfit by Pink Sugah – Tara Asamoah at Cirque de Seraphim
Shoes: Beryllium by Whatever – Anna Grey at The Dressing Room


Vanity table and Clown makeup kit: Double vanity by Second Spaces – Elle Kirshner at Cirque de Seraphim
Chair: Vintage Vanity Chair (From the Vintage Vanity Set) by Tromp Loeil – Cory Edo
Juggler: Juggler by Second Spaces – Elle Kirshner at Cirque de Seraphim
Weights: Strongman by Second Spaces – Elle Kirshner at Cirque de Seraphim
Furniture: Abandoned set by Fetch – Distorteddreams at Cirque de Seraphim

Note: Each item of the Cirque of Seraphim credited has the direct lm to the place where the store is located in the event.


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