Cirque de Seraphim

Cirque de Seraphim - Ad (1024sq)


A new event is coming and this one is for a great cause. The Cirque of Seraphim will be held from November 6th until November 26th. with more than 60 amazing designers to benefit the American Society to the Prevention to Animal Cruelty. All the participant designers will have at least one item which 50% of its income will be given to this amazing cause.

I decided to apply for this event specially for the cause . In my country there a lot of street animals that suffer cruelty every day and not only those do but the ones that have a “home” too. Cruelty is not only harming them but also not taking care of them, specially on household pets, cruelty you see  when their owners start breeding them irresponsibly with the purpose to sell the puppies or just because they believe that animals have to breed to not get sick or because they need the intercourse and this is completely false. Breeding will only lead to an over population of animals without a home or animals suffering cruelty.

We have to raise awareness about this problem, humans have a voice, we can defend ourselves but animals don’t. I bet most of you had a pet one day and you could see how much love they give and the only thing they ask is that you care and give them love.

The generous sponsors for this event will be: Atomic, BoOgErS Cae, Consignment, David Heather, Double Take, Essences, [fetch], Frogstar, Fuubutsu Dou, geek., Hopscotch, junk, Kalopsia, Lark, MadPea, Mango Cheeks, miamai, .mien poses., MOON, NM Atelier, Pink Sugah, RACK Poses, SexZ, tarte, tea.s, [trs], and The Wicked Peach. So please I encourage you to participate on this amazing event, I’m sure you’ll find lots of great stuff from great designers and the fun part is that you’ll be helping a great cause.

Let’s help the ones that don’t have a voice ;)


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