My Journey – TopFashionista 1st. Anniversary

My Journey - Topfashionista First Anniversary

Hello beauties! This is a very special post to me as it’s the first year of my blogging journey and let me tell you this has been a hell of a journey, it’s far the most fun thing I’ve ever found to do in SL. And today I’m not only going to tell you how it all started but also it’s a thank you post to all the people that helped me during this year. Btw, sorry but this is gonna be a huge post.

So it all started me visiting various blogs including Interstyle Fashion, Suicide Cabinet, Strawberry Singh’s blog, All The Rage, Luna’s Jubilee’s Blog, Juicybomb and some other blogs that I’ve always admired not only for the quality of the images but also cause they are fun to check. So I decided open myself a blog with the purpose of showing people my LOTDs, I didn’t care at all about pictures or even promoting it, I just did it when I wanted to do it or when I though I came up with a nice outfit. That was back in 2012. At the end of September 2013 I saw this call from Fabulously Free in SL for new bloggers, so I though why not apply. Some weeks after I was chosen to be part of this great family of bloggers, so in October, the serious part of blogging started. I started  learning how to promote a blog, trying to do better pictures, finding freebies or cheap clothes and accessories so I could do my blog posts there. I loved the experience, I love the group and I miss it a lot.

But, it was time to leave Fabfree as I didn’t have much time to blog that much anymore and started to post only on this blog, the first sponsors started to come as I started to apply to different stores (I still get nervous when I apply as blogger XD), I starting learning how to edit pictures in Photoshop (I still learn everyday something new) and I decided to promote it more. Talking about sponsors, one of my happiest times during blogging was seeing a call from Glam Affair to become a blogger for the store, I’ve always used Aida’s skins and I have to say that I wasn’t that confident on getting that group ’cause all the girls that blog for it have amazing pictures and amazing blogs, but after I saw on my email an invitation to the Glam Affair Bloggers Group from Sophia Harlow you should of see me jumping around my room screaming “I got it, I got it” (I still keep that email). Other one was Truth, I’ve applied for it like three times and I always say “third time lucky” so again I was jumping and screaming around my room when I got Truth Hawk’s invitation to the group and a welcome note. Of course, I keep those emails too. I get pretty happy every time I get chosen to blog for a store or an event or with those Ims asking me to blog certain things, brands or events as it demonstrates to me that people likes my work. :)

This journey haven’t been easy but as I said is the funnest thing I’ve ever done in SL. I’ve discovered my creative side, I’ve met so many nice people, I’ve learned a lot about fashion and photography, I mean, I LOVE TO BE A BLOGGER! Now it’s time to the thank you part.

Thanks to:

  • Love Trill, Serena Snowfield, Pru Rexroth, Caresia Adored, Tiana Omizu and all the Fabfree family. Thank you guys for let me blog with you during my first months of blogging, you guys taught me a lot and I’ll be always thankful ’cause without you I wouldn’t be blogging.
  • Natzuka Miliandrovic, you’re such a sweet girl, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.
  • Kaelyn Alecto thanks for your friendship sweets and for all of your support.
  • LouLou Teichman, oh my sweet LouLou I’m so glad I met you, thank you so much for your support, photography tips, those damn good poses you do and for your friendship.
  • Hikaru Enimo thanks for been so fun to talk too and for showing me your pics and give me photography tips.
  • Nhera Larnia, me alegro mucho haberte conocido, gracias por tus consejos y tu buena onda siempre.
  • Zee, my dear Zee thank you so much for all the laughter, you’re such a funny girl. I’ll always be your whare for the rest of my life. xD
  • To all my sponsors: Aida Ewing, Amberly Boccaccio, Sophia Harlow, Truth Hawks, Angie, Zib Scaggs, Anna Grey, Aledia, SayaNicole, Auston Harbour, Harvest Dezno, Senzati0n Domenitzo, Cassandra Rain and VivienMarli. Thank you so much for trusting my work.
  • Tessa thank you so much for all your support and long fun chats.
  • To my friends Coqueta Georgia and Vlady Veeper, gracias por sus tips con las fotos y con tan lindo sim en donde me encanta tomarme fotos.
  • To my man Gor, gracias hermoso por enseñarme y corregirme tanto. Odio las sombras y lo sabes xD
  • To my bf, my sister my queen Africa, gracias morocha por que por ti empezó todo esto. Mil gracias por tu amistad.
  • To my readers and followers on Flickr, THANK YOU SO MUCH without you this blog wouldn’t even exist.

So enough with this love letter and let’s get to the what I’m wearing part… xD

I’m wearing on the left:

Skin: Penny by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Season’s Story
Hair: Elizabeth by Entwined – VivienMarli
Dress: Cheeky by Haste – Auston Harbour at The Liaison Collaborative
Shoes: Baylee pumps by Intrepid – Aledia Underby at L’amitie Fall Market

Pose: Tati by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman

I’m wearing on the middle:

Skin: Penny by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Season’s Story
Hair: Rebecca by Entwined – VivienMarli
Dress: Vintage dress by Kitja Cherie – Kitja Rexie
Headband: Luna by Kitja Cherie – Kitja Rexie at The Season’s Story (Gift)
Shoes: Michigan by Essenz – Sensati0n Domenitzo

Pose: Donna by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman

I’m wearing on the right:

Head: Babydoll by The Mesh Project – TheShops
Head Applier: Sia by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Skin: Sia by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Hair: Demelza by Truth – Truth Hawks
Jacket and shirt: Aviator jacket by Foxes – Tyr Rozenblum at Nº21
Jeans: Eve Jeans by Kitja Cherie – Kitja Rexie at Kustom9
Shoes: Tomahawks by Reign – KenadeeCole at The Season’s Story

Pose: Absinthe by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman


House: Urria by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four (Rare gacha prize)
Wall decoration: Los puntitos by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four (Gacha prize)
Sofa: Slow moves by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four (Gacha prize)
Alpaca: Ella by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four (Gacha prize)
Ferris wheel: Ferris wheel decor by Hideki – Hideki Carami at The Chapter Four (Gacha prize)
Decor: DNA decor by Hideki – Hideki Carami at The Chapter Four (Gacha prize)


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