Sexy sunset

Sexy Sunset

Hello beauties! Today I felt a little bit sexy that I even cloned myself so you could tell how sexy I was feeling lol.

Tales of Fantasy will run until November 3rd. and Haste released three new products for it, one is this sexy bodysuit called Coy that I’m wearing on the left which is available in 10 different colors and the other one is Daring which is part of the gacha machine, on this gacha you can get Daring or Wicked (a rope complete harness) in 7 common colors, 3 rares and 3 ultra rare colors.

Tomorrow is the last day for the Vintage and Cool Fair and you can’t miss to buy this beautiful shoes from Essenz that I’m wearing on the left, they are called Monaco and they are part of a gacha and you can get them in 6 different colors. My shoes on the right are called Turin and they are part of The Boho Culture Fair that ends on October 25th. , they are available in 6 regular colors, but you can also get a fatpack of 6 colors or/and a fatpack with 3 extra colors.

I’m wearing (left): 

Skin: Penny by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Season’s Story
Hair: Marilyn by EnVogue – Casandra Rain
Bodysuit: Coy by Haste – Auston Harbour at Tales of Fantasy
Shoes: Monaco by Essenz – Sensati0n Domenitzo – Vintage and Cool Fair

Pose: Jimmy3 by Bauhaus Movement – LouLou Teichman at The Liaison Collaborative

I’m wearing (right):

Skin: Penny by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Season’s Story
Hair: Pussycat by Lamb – Lamb Bellic at Collabor88
Lingerie Set: Lycia by Baiastice – Sissy Pessoa at Collabor88
Harness: Daring by Haste – Auston Harbour at Tales of Fantasy
Bracelets: A&A by Doll’s House – Marienart Denver at Marketplace
Shoes: Turin by Essenz – Sensati0n Domenitzo at The Boho Culture Fair


House:  Cabin in the Forest by Scarlet Creative – Charlotte Bartlett at Collabor88
Bedroom set: So Gray Bet Set by Cheeky Pea – Isla Gealach at Uber
Table: Voronoi by Cheeky Pea – Isla Gealach
Lamp: Key lamp by Apple Fall – warehousefifteendesigns


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