Autumn: yay or nay

Autumn: yay or nay

I must admit that autumn it’s not my favourite time of the year, I get really sad with rain and I don’t like cold even though I’ve always lived in a city where 6 months is autumn and 6 months is spring (we call them winter and summer anyway), but in SL I like this time of year, there are a lot of jackets and boots around for sale.

So today I wanted to welcome fall putting some outfits I must say I really liked from various events. The jacket in the right is from Fishy Strawberry and it comes in two versions with or without the tank top, and the jeans are from Bueno, there are those type of jeans that feel so confy because they are pretty loose, both items are available at the new round of Kustom9 that opened on the 15th.

On the left I’m wearing this cute top from C’est La Vie, the boots are from Ane and both items are available at the 50%off room at The Chapter Four, the jeans are from Ionic and they come with a nice sweater and they are available at the buy 1 get 1 free room at the same event. Both hairstyles are from Truth, they are one of the last releases available at its mainstore. As always you can find them in the regular color packs.

My skin is the new release from Glam Affair at Creation.JP it’s called Lindsey and I have to tell you that when I saw it on the add that Aida Ewing did for it I fell in love with it, I couldn’t wait to log in to SL and try it on. It comes in Asia tone in 8 different makeups and as usual with 5 different suggested system eyebrows and a tattoo layer tintable eyebrows. In the picture below you can check all the different makeups available for Lindsey.


Hair: Alexand by Lelutka Shape: Pretty shape by Strawberry Singh

Strawberry Singh after many requests just released two nice shapes available at marketplace one is called pretty and the other one is called devious, both for only 99L.

I’m wearing on the right:

Skin: Lindsey by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Creation.JP
Hair: Amaris by Truth – Truth Hawks
Jacket: Ducato leather jacket by Fishy Strawberry – Fae Eriksen at Kustom9
Jeans: BF jeans by Bueno – Mikel Monk at Kustom9
Boots: Tight open toe ankle boots by Ane – Anemisk Karu at The Chapter Four

I’m wearing on the left:

Skin: Lindsey by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Creation.JP
Hair: Cameo by Truth – Truth Hawks
Top: Zita drape top by C’est La Vie – Larcoco Mathy at The Chapter Four
Jeans: Billy jean by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga at The Chapter Four
Boots: Tight open toe ankle boots by Ane – Anemisk Karu at The Chapter Four

Pose: Autumn leaves by Kirin Poses – Carolina Sautereau
Place: The Veeper’s


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