Hello beauties! I almost couldn’t share with you this post today with you, my Macbook Pro decided to die yesterday, but today after paying a lot of money for a battery it decided to be back to life, so here I am showing one of my favourite pics I’ve done, ’cause I finally could do something that a lot of people already know how to do, but I just couldn’t get it and that is to reflect myself in a mirror in sl, it’s photoshoped but I finally could do it the way I wanted.

Today I’m showing you a sexy lingerie from Chocolate Atelier so I had to put on my Lolas Delicq and my cuteazz (it’s too sad it’s not available anymore to buy and I really hope L’Inc can be back soon). My hair is from Truth and I love it! I used to have wavy hair in RL until two weeks ago when I decided to straighten it permanently, so I cannot have a wavy tail anymore, but thanks God there is a SL where I can wear what I want and this hair from Truth it’s so cute that I seriously can’t take it off since I got it and as usual it’s available in the regular color packs.

I’m wearing:

Skin: Skye by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Arcade Gacha
Hair: Posy by Truth – Truth Hawks
Lingerie set: Mellow Flower by Chocolate Atelier – YukaChoco Magic


Colonial vanity table by Zaara – Zaara Kohime at The Arcade Gacha (rare)
Colonial vanity stool by Zaara Kohime at The Arcade Gacha
Camelbone box and comb set by Zaara Kohime at The Arcade Gacha


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