Miau (The Shops Mesh Head Review)

Miau (The Shops Mesh Head Review)

Hello beauties, hope you had an awesome weekend!

This post has been updated as the mesh heads were updated on December, you can check the new updates and features on this post clicking here.

Today I wanted to do a special blog post about The Shops mesh head as many skin creators have done more appliers for it, specially Glam Affair just released Artemis and Lara for this mesh head in the regular skin tones, they are beautiful I must say. You can check both on the picture below.

the shops head

Classic with Lara  and Babydoll with Artemis

So lets start! The Shops Mesh head it’s available in 5 different types: babydoll, classic, moody, fierce and soft and also you can choose to buy the classic and the deluxe version the difference between this two are that classic won’t come with emotes.

The first thing you have to do is get the huds that are being sent just when you arrive at The Shops, one is the shopping hud that you need to buy everything there and the other one is the style hud that is essential to have when you get one of the products as with it you can change skin, makeup, etc. To buy at The Shops you have to locate the big yellow round sign to buy credit, that’s the only way to pay for things as you’ll be using the shopping hud, you cannot buy without it.

When you get the head you bought, in the package you’ll get: two style heads “normal” and retrofit, five different alphas and 3 notes with instructions and troubleshooting help.  The retrofit head is intended to use without The Shops body for a better fit.

Next step is to wear the head and the proper alpha and of course the style hud. The style hud is not hard to understand and to work with, in the following pic I’m showing you the different first buttons you’ll see when you push style on the hud. If you hit modify you will see this three options (on retrofit): size, adjust eyelashes and emotes. On size you can choose from petite, small, medium, large and curvy. On adjust eyelashes you’ll get to modify them on size, depth and height. Finally, on animation/emote you can choose to turn on or off blink and talk and you also can choose your eyes and mouth open or closed, remember this option is only available on Deluxe.


Now let’s customise the head. On this head you can customise everything, hairbase, eyebrows, eyeshadows, lipsticks and of course the skin. Everything works with appliers that you have to install if they are from a third party designer, just attach the applier hud and click install. For the shops appliers it will show you right on the hud without need of installation. But where do the appliers I installed go? See that star button? well, there they are. I have installed Glam Affair’s appliers, the only thing you have to do is click on the applier you want and it will change your face. If you want to wear another applier just click Unstyle and your face will go white again so you can start all over applying other stuff. If you want to get a demo applier first install it  but this time they will go to the demo button.


So many people will say what’s going on with the neck cause maybe there will be a line between your neck and your own body, this won’t show if you have The Shops mesh body but if you want to use it with your own shape and you don’t want to see that neck line is just a matter of wearing the retrofit head, anyway you’ll see a white neck line and that you can fix by choosing any of the available skintones on the hud. Just click the button skintone and choose between all the colours available until you find a perfect match, for example for Asia tone from Glam Affair the skintone 7 works great and as you can see I don’t have a neck line. Another thing you can do is to adjust the head size and of your course your shape, it’s best if you have 0 fat body. This are the different sizes that you can change so your head fits perfect.

Head Size: 60
Head Stretch: 60
Head Length: 60


So what do I think about this product? Well I must say that I found it a bit pricy, as the deluxe mesh head will cost you 5000L and the classic will be 2999L, besides that I found it very nice as you can choose from different style heads and the fact that you can customise it it’s pretty cool cause you won’t look like everyone else who owns a mesh head. I’ve seen designers that already have done makeup and skin appliers for this head like Glam Affair, Pink Fuel, Essences, The Skinnery, The Sugar Garden, etc. You can check here all the designers that have done makeup and skin appliers for this head and for other mesh attachments for The Shops. I tried the mesh head with Physique from Slink and it won’t fit right on the neck it won’t be that noticeable but it won’t fit perfect. Do I think is worth buying? If you like mesh attachments it’s definitely a must and if you always wanted to try a mesh head but you’re afraid to look like everyone else this head is perfect for you.

Note: This is my personal point of view about this mesh head, I wasn’t been asked to make a review nor The Shops is sponsoring this blog or post. All the explainable pictures haven’t been edited except for the shapes and the text, they were taken on mid graphics and with AnaLutetia AvatarOpt2 Whiter windlight.

I’m wearing:

Head: Classic (Deluxe) by The Shops – The Mesh Project
Head Applier: Lara by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Hair: Tulip by Truth – Truth Hawks
Dress: Gina bodycon by Tee*Fy – Azure Electricteeth at Collabor88
Leggings: *BB* Leggings by CelfieCali/LDP – Mercedes Kane at The Thrift Shop
Shoes: New York by Essenz – Senzati0n Domenitzo at The Thrift Shop

Cats: Sitting lazy, Curled on Back and Cuddling Pair (rare) by Fashionably Dead – Toast Bard at The Arcade Gacha
Books: Books & Tea by Tarte – Alixxbella at The Arcade Gacha

9 thoughts on “Miau (The Shops Mesh Head Review)

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  3. I know this is an old post but… let me get this straight: I pay 5000L$(!!!) for a chunk of white mesh shaped like a head? o.0 That’s it? And a HUD that would be useless if I don’t pay EVEN MORE, for skins and makeup and whatnot? o.0 It doesn’t sound like a finished product. I mean… I have a real hard time understanding this, I pay 5000L$ for a product I can’t wear “right of the shelf” ? I must be getting something wrong… It does come with skins and options right? I CAN wear the head as is, because it comes with own skins and eyebrows and makeup and OPTIONS, right? BUT I’m also ABLE to use other skins for it, if I want, that I have to buy appliers for IF I want them. Right? :D Please tell me people are not paying so much money(20$!), for a white chunk of mesh shaped like a head, or I wouldn’t know if I should laugh or cry… Because it truly sounds like a ripoff…
    Yeah, yeah… it can blink and stuff, but my standard LL head can blink too! Yeah mine looks like crap with shadows on because it’s sculpted by a drunk man with an axe, but I didn’t pay 5000L$ for it either AND I can adjust facial features, AND change eyeshadow, eyebrows, lipstick, blush.. you name it!
    I hope I’m wrong, honestly. Because I really want a head that looks lovely with shadows on too, that’s the only problem I have with the standard LL avatar.

    • Doina, actually this post is pretty updated as the only thing that has changed was some features that I updated when they came out in another post as this post was meant to explain to people how to properly use the head as it’s a bit complicated. I have to admit that your comment left me without words for a moment but thank you for been so sincere about the product and I have to tell you that you’re right about pretty much everything. Sadly you can’t use this head without buying appliers for it, the skin tones on the hud only let you change the color of the neck so if you’re using appliers for other brand besides the The Shops you can get a better match, the head doesn’t come with shadows, lipsticks or eyebrows so all of that you have to buy it separately. If it’s worth or not buying it or if it’s a ripoff I’ll say that depends on the customer, I use that head for “special” posts but I don’t wear it on a daily basis as I like my shape a lot, anyways this is the only mesh head I’ve seen on the market that you can customise it with any type of makeup you want. Anyways you have the option to get the version of 2999L, besides most appliers cost between 200 and 500L and a lot of skin stores have them, I know it’s too much money but as I said if you want a mesh head where you can change any type of makeup this is the one that can be good for you. I hope my reply was useful to you.

  4. Thank you Nanny :) I honestly think the creators of it are very pretentious(even shopping for anything in their store is a pain in the rear). I like the babydoll one but I can’t agree on paying for something I can’t use as is. It’s not about affording it, I think anyone can afford it if they REALLY want it, even by camping for 1L/hour or whatnot (not sure camping still exists, but I used to do that when I was a newbie), might take a log time, but you make the money. It’s about doing something you don’t agree with. Yes, they are free to sell anything for any price they choose, there’s no regulation for that, but I’m also free to not agree with it.
    I think I’ll wait for someone else to create a head at least as cute as that, with at least as many options. After all, meshing in SL is still in its infancy.

    • Thanks for the comment and yes you are right, my intention was only to show how to use it as it’s a bit difficult. I’ve tried now the lelutka mesh heads now and besides the fact I’m a total fan of Glam Affair skins, I liked this one better as it’s more easy to use and it’s way cheaper, besides it does comes ready to use and you of course have the option to change it as you wish buying other appliers like the ones from Deetalez, Lara Hurley or Izzies which are out on the market now.

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  6. I payed 6000 all together for a pathetic looking , sad, wining, small eyed, misserable looking head. 5000 for the head and 1000 for the skin. And it all looks sad. a little modify would be great.. the slit eyes are horrible, the mouth looks as if I will start to cry every moment. but the saddest in the shop is the lack of information. All cool and over the top designed… true, but when you start to buy, you have to keep on buying.. I cannot recommend this.

    • I totally understand what your are saying, I did that review so people can understand how to use it cos it’s too complicated for some people and this review was made last year. Right now as many other creators have mesh heads I would probably won’t buy this one, is too complicated to use and it’s expensive, besides they haven’t update it since December last year so that’s not good either.

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