Teenage dance

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The 90’s! The so beloved 90’s! *sighs… Even though I was born in the 80’s which is a decade I loved too, the best parts of my life happened on the 90’s the music, the friends from school and high school, the clothes, the hair styles, the games, I mean everything was so fun.

I remembered when I was a kid wearing disco skirts with short leggings and classic reebok shoes, playing rope-jumping, hopscotch or there was this game with an elastic band that you had to jump on the band in different ways or the game of the countries and so many games that I miss playing. Of course my teen years happened on the 90’s and it was fun being rebel, listened to rock and wear checkered big blouses with jeans.

I loved this decade and I wish I could go back and that’s the great thing about SL, you can go back time whenever you like and today I want to show you some of the stuff available at the current Collabor88 round which I must say is one of my favourites, lots of bright colours and of course some 90 stuff.

As I told in my last post Glam Affair released for Collabor a new edition of Artemis called Party Girl in Europa and Jamaica, you can choose from 8 amazing different colourful makeups of each tone available. They come with 5 suggested eyebrow shapes and one tintable eyebrow. Another releases from Glam Affair for Collabor are these beautiful necklaces and eyelashes, the necklace is available in 8 colours and the eyelashes in 6 different colours.


Necklace: Amelie by Glam Affair at Collabor88                                       Eyelashes: Miami lashes by Glam Affair at Collabor88


Enjoy this new round of Collabor88 there are amazing and good quality stuff available and of course not only fashion related items but also furniture and decor, all in one place. Remember this round is called Miami Electric so you will find a lot of colourful and glowing neon things. I’m sure you will enjoy shopping here!

I’m wearing:

Skin: Artemis (Party Girl) by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88
Hair: Hairspray baby by Clawtooth – Bubbles Clawtooth at Collabor88
Dress: Playgirl dress by Katat0nik – Katat0nik Pidgeon at Collabor88
Leggings: Hot pink Miami fishnet leggings by Schadenfreude – Allegory Malaprop at Collabor88
Necklace: Morgan by LaGyo – Gyorgyna Larnia at Collabor88
Bubblegum: Morgan by LaGyo – Gyorgyna Larnia at Collabor88
Bracelets: Scrunchie by Lamb – Lamb Bellic at Collabor88
Earrings: Miami drop earrings by Boom – Athena Loring at Collabor88
Shoes: Assassins by Fashionably Dead – Toast Bard at Collabor88


Room: Miami electric motel room by Intrigue Co. – Katharine McGinnis at Collabor88
Sofa: Pizz Miamy by Flowey x Teawood – RobinWoodley at Collabor88
Tables: Kat coffee table by Flowey x Teawood – RobinWoodley at Collabor88
Chair: Electro chair by Hideki – Hideki Carami at Collabor88
Heart sign: Aime’s love nest neon sign by Flowey x Teawood – RobinWoodley at Collabor88
Heart neon light: Neon light amore by The Loft – Gerzzo at Collabor88
Phone: Marais phone by What Next – Winter Thorn
Wall decor: Kelly love Zack 2 by Lark – Sienia Trevellion at Collabor88
Vinil records: Hang on rocking by Hopscotch – Chandni Khondji
Truntable: Groovy Lispette 4 by Lisp Bazaar – Pandora Popstar


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