Hello beauties! Today I felt a bit sexy and I wanted to show myself on lingerie for this post.

There’s a new fair called Romp that just opened its doors yesterday and its purpose is to offer adult merchandise. I found it a very nice idea to get this merchandise from great designers with good taste. So I went there yesterday and grab some stuff that I’m wearing today.

My collar and cuffs are from Boom and they are just precious! I bought them in black ’cause I’ve always found black sexier but you can get them in other colours. There is a hud that comes in the package where you can change the color of the ruffles and the color of the metal. The chocker comes in two versions one is for open collar and the other one doesn’t have this scripts. Open Collar for the ones that are not familiarised with them are various scripts that work with RLV (Restrained Love Viewer) and these are used by people that role-play in BDSM or Gor mainly.

Glam Affair released Kallisto in Jamaica and Asia for Romp, there are 5 different makeups you can choose from. I loved this makeups as most of them come with that reddish lipstick that looks so sexy.

As I said before, I wanted to show myself on lingerie and I found this pretty set from Chocolate Atelier at The Cosmopolitan Sales Room, I’m wearing black for today but you can find it also on pink, red and blue.

Both hairs I’m wearing for this post are from Tableau Vivant, the one in the picture above its available at The Seasons Story and the one on the picture below is from Hair Fair. As always you can get it in the regular color packs or get the fatback. Tableau Vivant will donate 25% of its sales at Hair Fair for Wigs for Kids, so your not only getting a really nice hair but you are helping others.

Where did I take my picture? Well, I took it at place called Umbral, this is a place for BDSM role-players and it was beautifully decorated by Coqueta Georgia. You can go visit anytime even if you’re not on BDSM but you just have to follow the rules of the place, you can even talk to its owners Vlady Veeper and Coqueta Georgia if you want to take a picture there, they are really nice people. Or you can go visit Umbral and just outside this place the whole sim was landscaped for pictures, some of mine were taken there and you can see it’s a beautiful place where you can even rez your own pose stands.

Hair: Lusch by Tableau Vivant at Hair Fair

Hair: Lusch by Tableau Vivant at Hair Fair

I’m wearing

Skin: Kallisto 05 in Jamaica by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Romp
Hair: Barley by Tableau Vivant – M4ril1n Magic at The Seasons Story
Lingerie Set: Regina by Chocolate Atelier – YukaChoco Magic at Cosmpolitan Sales Room
Chocker and cuff set: Dollhouse Collar and Cuff set by Boom – Aranel Ah at Romp

Place: Umbral


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