African sunset

African Sunset

Hello beauties! Have you gone to Collabor88 yet? If you haven’t you should keep on trying, I know is packed but is worth going. Today I grabbed my friend Mark to pose with me, he’s a blogger too so if you guys want to see men clothing you should visit his blog ’cause he always has handy stuff for men.

Today all my outfit is from Collabor the blouse and shorts are from Tres Blah, my hair is from Clawtooth and my sandals are from Pure Poison. Do you see those gazelle? well they are from Half Deer and they are the cutest.

Tomorrow The Seasons Story opens and Glam Affair is releasing Cassia in Tropic and Exotic. I talked you about exotic yesterday showing you its version in Kallisto and as I said I loved that tone, but today I’m also showing you the new tone called Tropic which is the darkest of the new tones and it’s also lovely.

Hair: Radio by Milk at The Chapter Four

Hair: Radio by Milk at The Chapter Four

Hair: Radio by Milk at The Chapter Four

Hair: Radio by Milk at The Chapter Four

I’m wearing

Skin: Cassia 02 in Exotic by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Seasons Story
Hair: Adventure Girl by Clawtooth – Bubbles Clawtooth at Collabor88
Blouse: Khaki Blouse by Tres Blah – Julliette Westerburg at Collabor88
Shorts: Khaki Shorts by Tres Blah – Julliette Westerburg at Collabor88
Sandals: Giulia sandals by Pure Poison – Shaleene Kenin at Collabor88
Deers: Thomson’s Gazelle by +Half Deer+ – Halogen Magic at Collabor88

For Mark’s credits check here


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