You didn’t come… I’m leaving

You didn't come... I'm leaving

Saying goodbye to someone or even something sometimes it becomes hard and painful. Today I have a bad news, Kaelyn Alecto’s sim “It all starts with a smile” closed today, this made me really sad ’cause I loved that sim, the place was beautiful, Kaelyn did a great job decorating it and there were lots of pictures taken down there that I’m sure we will always remembered it. I hope Kaelyn new projects and adventures go as well as did project went for her.

Now to the good news! So tomorrow is Hello Tuesday at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room sim and you can find there stuff for 50L or 50% off, so it’s a great deal to go there and get some stuff like the dress I’m showing you today from Forever Summer that will be available tomorrow for only 50L.

I’m wearing

Skin: Cassia 06 in Asia by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Creation.JP
Hair: After the rain by Exile – Kavar Cleanslate at Summerfest
Dress: Red calico floral checks country girl by Forever Summer – Moon Falconer at CSR
Bracelets: Pearl rain season in cherry by Mandala – kikunosuke Eel

Location: The Veeper’s


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