Slink Physique Review

Slink Physique Review

Hello beauties! This is the first review with pros and cons I do, so please forgive me for any mistake, I hope you guys find it helpful.

I woke up this morning and while I was reading Plurk I found out that Slink released a new mesh body that we all been waiting for called Physique so I thought it would be nice that I’ll do a review on it and after Glam Affair released its appliers I was more encouraged to do it.  So let’s start…

So the first thing you have to do is read the notecard where you will find a link that will lead you to the frequent questions and answers and of course a manual on how to use Physique.

When I first wear it I saw that my hands and feet were not matching,  I use the small size so I changed to XS and voilá they matched perfectly.

As is a fitted mesh product you can change the dimension modifying your own shape so play with the sliders to get the shape you like, I recommend using about 0 to 5 for body fat ’cause you will then have issues with your regular head as it says on the manual. You can see on the picture below in the right my body modified with 100 for breast and 100 for butt and 0 for body fat. On the left I’m wearing my normal shape which is sized 50 for breast and 0 for body fat. (this are raw pictures haven’t been edited they are only cropped)

SLink Physique

Hair: Meadow by Magika

I noticed that the neck and the head don’t match, the solution can be found using the neck alpha on the alpha and clothing layer hud provided, but this didn’t work for me so for now I won’t be using it with short hair or updos or I will just keep testing my shape. Anyway everyone has a different shape and if you play with the alphas and your own shape I’m sure you can find a perfect or at least an almost perfect match. If you own the Visage head it does match perfect so that’s a good solution too and don’t worry about looking like everyone else that has this head ’cause there are a lot of appliers some even with makeup, so it will look different anyway and that’s the good thing about Visage.

Now the skin… on the package you will find different skins to match your regular skin, I didn’t test them because Glam Affair released the skin applier so I just wore my regular skin. If your skin designer hasn’t made yet an applier you can test with the skins provided, I’m sure you will find something that will match your skin or just wait until the appliers are made, I’m sure you will have them pretty soon as I’ve read some designers working on them or some already released them.

You will notice that the body comes with undies that you can change its colours with the basic underwear applier that is provided and choose between black, white or red. Or you can take them off using the alpha and clothing layer hud, this hud also works for wearing tattoos.

Ok so now the clothing… At the moment of course I haven’t seen any clothing made specifically for this body but I’m sure there will be available soon, it’s the first day that this body was released so give designers a little bit of time. I noticed that in the package comes a mesh dress for this body, I wore it and it fits perfect so I guess designers will do clothing specifically for Physique not only layer clothing but mesh clothing also. Ok let’s go to the tricky part, I tried to wear my regular mesh clothing and at first it was hard to get them fit even though I used the alphas from the alpha and clothing layer hud, so I had to tweak on the sliders on appearance to make them fit. I have to admit that I spend some time doing it as the alphas provided on the hud sometimes are too small or too big or they just won’t work to hide the specific part that you want to hide. So again play with the sliders and try to make it fit, I know it takes some time but in the end you will see it’s worth it.

Finally a good thing for photographers and bloggers, with this body you won’t need to use liquify that much as you use with the regular shapes although is not that smooth as we all want but again it will save you a lot of time anyway.

* Edges are smoother
* Perfect match with slink hands, feet and Visage head
* Modifiable as is a fitted mesh product
* Skin appliers available in some brands
* You can wear tattoos if there are appliers available

* Neck doesn’t match perfectly with the regular shape head
* Alphas won’t work with all mesh clothing, some of them are too big specially those for the breast part.

Be patient, it was just released yesterday and I’m sure most of the issues people have with it will be fixed, for me it’s worth having it. Remember that being perfect takes time and patience. ;)

Note: this is my personal point of view about Physique, I wasn’t been asked to make a review nor Slink is sponsoring this blog.

Nanny is wearing:

Body: Physique by Slink – Siddean Munro
Skin: Slink physique applier in Asia by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Cassia 02 in Asia by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Creation.JP
Hair: Longfall in dark eyes by Tableau Vivant – M4rilyn Magic at The Arcade Gacha (Closes on July 30th.)


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