Most of the people that reads my blog posts often, know that my favourite skin brand is Glam Affair and I not only completely love its skins but its accessories and of course Tableau Vivant hair, so the other day I saw that Glam Affair was looking for new bloggers and I applied and today I receive an email from Second Life that I was been invited to join Glam Affair blogger group. You guys can’t imagine how happy that made me. So I want to welcome my new sponsor, thank you guys for trusting my work :)

Saturday was the first day of summer and what a best way to celebrate it than going to Summerfest that opened yesterday with lots of summer goodies from the best brands you can buy anything from fashion related stuff to furniture and decoration until July 31st. Of course the first days will be crowded so either you wait until it’s a bit free which I don’t recommend or you keep on trying to TP there, I always recommend using the LETMEIN hud which is available at marketplace ’cause it will tp you automatically and when a spot is available you will just get there.

So I was there today and I found these pretty shorts and shirt from Tee*fy that you can buy in various different colours and patterns and match them as you like to.

This cute mermaid is a new release from MishMish you can choose the merman or the mermaid, companion or rezz version, all of them come with a hud that lets you change the colour of the hair.

Glam Affair released Cassia in America, India and Jamaica tone with 8 different makeups and freckles, nose and lips options. All of them are simply beautiful. Tableau Vivant also released three new hair styles for Summerfest, the one I’m showing you in the picture below it’s called Soleil and has the option of changing the color of the hat and the flower either with the colours that are already on the hud or the color you choose by tinting them with the color chart on the hud too.


Skin: Cassia 08 in America tone by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Summerfest
Hair: Soleil by Tableau Vivant – M4r1lyn Magic at Summerfest
Shirt: Mini halter top in Mint by Tee*fy – Azure Electricteeth at Summerfest
Shorts: Vivienne summer shorts (Prism) by Tee*fy – Azure Electricteeth at Summerfest
Sandals: Tijuana in cream by Essenz – Senzati0n Domenitzo
Sunglasses: Aviator glasses by Tableau Vivant – M4r1lyn Magic at TMD
Mermaid: Mermaid companion in gold by MishMish – Aime Takaaki at Summerfest

Location:  Baja Norte

Here are the different makeups of Cassia in each tone available at Summerfest. I know all of them are so pretty that it’s hard to choose. ;)

Cassia America

Hair: Summerwind by Tableau Vivant at Summerfest Necklace: Beach Castaway by Maxi Gossamer at Collabor88

Cassia India



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