My Nikki

My Nikki

So this is my house and I wanted to share it with you so you can judge my decoration skills lol. I have three kitties there and one is Nikki which was named after my favourite bassist in the world Mr. Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe. So if you wanna visit just tell me :)

So today I wanted to show you some clothing from a new brand in SL called PE Life, there you can find women and men mesh clothing that I’m pretty sure you will like. So you might visit this store and get some affordable goodies ’cause they are very cheap and the quality is very good. How good is that!

If you want to show your pride side for the US it’s time you start shopping for 4th of July and what a great opportunity to do so to buy this sandals from Envious which come with 4 different textures you can change from the hud that its provided.

Nanny is wearing:

Hair: Sweet Sorrow by Moon – Silent Acoustic at Chapter Four
Shirt: Mess stars by Pe Life – Bleff1111
Shorts: Light blue shorts by Pe Life – Bleff1111
Sandals: Pride summer sandals by Envious – SayaNicole Cuttita


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