Oh Ballet!

A new round of The Chapter Four just started this week and I’m bringing you some goodies you can find over the 2 for 1 room and the half prize room. Don’t forget to stop by you will find a lot of nice things there and for really good prices, and if you never get tired of gachas they have a room only of gacha machines.

I also bring you some more stuff from the Arcade Gacha, I know! we can’t get enough of the arcade. I loved everything from this round that I will not be able to post everything I got, I even got the opportunity to wear most of the things I bought.

Oh ballet!

Hair: Adriana by Pr!tty – Karla Marama at The Chapter Four
Headband: Happy Kitty by Pr!tty – Karla Marama at The Chapter Four
Shirt: Toll up sleeves t-shirt by Amitomo – Woomi Latte at The Chapter Four
Skirt: Tutu tule skirt by Amitomo – Woomi Latte at The Chapter Four
Sandals: Cutout sandals by Le Primitif – Yani Tryce at The Chapter Four
Watch: Double strap watch by Le Primitif– Yani Tryce at Fameshed


Lights: Luces curtain by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga (Gatcha prize)
Window: La ventana by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga (Gatcha prize)
Closet: La Valse d’Amelie by Ionic – Lakua Arriaga
Mannequin: Swan lake act 1 mannequin ballet shoes by U.F.O – Charming Meiler at The Arcade Gacha
Fairy: Gerbera fairy (companion) by !OhMai – Anya Ohmai at The Arcade Gacha
Jar: Gerbera fairy terrarium by by !OhMai – Anya Ohmai at The Arcade Gacha


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