My garden

Still can’t get to The Arcade Gacha? Why don’t you try using the Letmein hud which is available at the marketplace and you will not miss any of the pretty things available. Here is the link to get it ;)

So I will be showing you today again some stuff from The Arcade Gacha, Fameshed and the upcoming Hello Sunshine Fair.

Fameshed has a new round with new pretty stuff, I know I always show you stuff from Zenith but they are really nice and I love Miffyhoi’s clothes and yes I’m an addict of hair so I had to have the new hair for Fameshed from Wasabi Pills. So don’t miss this round I’m sure you will end up with tones of shopping bags.

My garden

Hair: Madeleine by Wasabi Pills – MissAllSunday Lemon at Fameshed
Dress: Hippie dress with belt by Zenith – Miffihoy Rosca at Fameshed
Shoes: Pastella Sandals in Coral by LDP – Angelica2502 at Hello Sunshine Fair


Balancelle: Balancelle by Aisling – Damian Kleiner and Druunah Esharham
Gnomes: Not friendly and playful gnome by Mutresse – Eeky Cioc at The Arcade Gacha
Pigs: Harley and Pigicorn Piggie Wiggie by Schadenfreude – Allegory Malaprop at The Arcade Gacha


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