All eyes on me

Many of us got crazy already at The Arcade Gacha, I was actually really happy that I could get in at the fifth time I hit teleport and as always I went crazy shopping, literally crazy. I got lucky with most of the things I bought I even got rares at first like the hair I’m showing you today from Olive.

Mark your calendars on June 7th ’cause the Hello Sunshine Fair starts there you will find lots of stuff in summer and pastel colours, there will be 60 designers and 10 sponsors. So get your wallets ready ’cause its time to spend lindens. \o/

Talking about the Hello Sunshine Fair, today I’m showing you the eyes from LDP that will be available at the fair, they are available in 7 different pastel colours and let me tell you, they are lovely.

All eyes on me

Hair: Elfie hair eyeball bows in cotton candies (Rare) by Olive – naminaeko at The Arcade Gacha

Julia Eyes in Jade by LDP – Angelica2502 at Hello Sunshine Fair
Skin: Coral by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at Collabor88



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