Hoodies and baggies

Hello beauties! Today I wanted to dress a bit urban style, so here we go…

The shoes are a new release from Deer, as always when you buy Deer shoes you get the whole fatback so you can customise them on every color you want to fit your outfit. The hoodie is also from Deer and they also come in different colours, you buy a pack and in each one you get 5 different colours with different designs.

Twenty13 released this cool baggy shorts recently, they are really fun to wear so you might check them out too.

Last but not least the hair is from Milk and it’s very cool, it comes in two different version one in normal like the one I’m showing you and the other one is holdable and you can use it with the two different poses that come in the pack.

So that’s for today! Go crazy shopping! :)

Hoodies and Baggies

Hair: Iggy by Milk – Kattington
Hoodie: Hoodie Jacket by Deer – Sidofox Zsun
Pants: Baggie Jules Shorts by Twenty13 – Bravin
Shoes: WC shoes by Deer – Sidofox Zsun


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