After fighting with the security certificate from Flickr I finally could upload pics and do a post \o/

Down to business… A new round of Kustom9 is available, so I went there and as always I went crazy shopping! So today I’m showing a pair of shorts and top from Motiame which is available in various colours, but as I always go for dark colours I got this nice black white dot top and this shorts in white. Faun has available this beautiful gladiator sandals for Slink flat feet. It’s available in black, coral, beige, pink and other colours so you can match your outfit with them perfectly.

Finally Finesmith has this really nice bracelets at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room, it’s available in 6 different colours.

Enjoy shopping!


Top: Tub top bra by Motiame – Malone Brandi at Kustom9
Shorts: High waisted shorts by Motiame – Malone Brandi at Kustom9
Sandals: Xi Gladiator Sandals by Faun – ExplicitFame at Kustom9


Skin: Emma by Essences – Inka Mexicola
Hair: Poison Tree by Moon – Silent Acoustic at Kustom9
Watch + Bracelets: Zman watch by Finesmith – Yula Finesmith at Cosmopolitan Sales Room


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