Spring how much I missed you

So here I am to show you some other goodies I found at Fameshed \o/

Today I’m wearing this nice denim jacket by Coquet, it comes with different sleeve colors and you can wear it with the Bohemian Chevron Dress available at Fameshed too.

So fitted mesh is available now and LaRoo has made this beautiful boots on fitted mesh, it is pretty cool to play with the sliders while you edit your appearance and see how clothing grows or shrinks.

The hair is from Milk for this month round of Fameshed, what I can say about it? Well, I love the hair so you should go buy it.

Spring how much I missed you

Hair: Girl about town by Milk – Kattington at Fameshed
Jacket: Mesh denim jacket by Coquet – Tabitha Marquez at Fameshed
Necklace: Isis Solar Magic by Maxi Gossamer – Maxi Gossamer

That wasn’t it. I need to talk to you about the new mesh bootie available. It’s made by Banned and there are three different types:
1. Big bootie
2. Mesh bootie + add-ons
3. Mesh bootie

Both the big bootie and the mesh bootie + add ons come with different leg length so it is easier when you need to wear boots. All of them come with different type of appliers so you can change it with your fav clothes or skin applier. The three different versions available come with thin and thicker legs. As it is a new product some brands don’t have Banned appliers yet, but I assure you it is really easy to make the appliers with the ones you already got for Phat Azz or Cute Azz. You just have to follow the tutorial and you’ll be ready to use it (you can find the tutorial clicking here).

I’ve tried all the mesh booties available in Second Life and I must tell you that I really liked the Banned bootie. And for all of you that want even thinner legs there will be available soon a new bootie with that feature. On the other hand if you are worried about the appliers don’t be as I told you is really easy to make the appliers using the ones you already have and I’ve seen some stores that are doing Banned bootie appliers already.

Spring how much I missed you

Bootie: Mesh bootie + add ons by Banned – Leanii
Boots: Shotgun Boots by LaRoo at Fameshed
Pants: Skinny denim jeans by Vivi’s – Vixtris
Bracelets: Sitennoah by Mandala – kikunosuke Eel

The pictures were taken at the All starts with a smile sim. It became my favorite place, it’s just simply beautiful, every single place and every single detail are well done. You should go visit it, here is the Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Onyx%20Isle/198/128/24


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