Let’s Groove – Dancing Blog Meme

So it’s my first time doing a meme proposed by Strawberry Singh and it was just the right one ’cause I love music and dancing. I actually dance salsa on a professional way about two years ago in RL.

But, I’m not showing you my salsa moved in SL, instead I’m showing you what I think it’s one the funnest rhythms from one of the best decades, the 70’s and that rhythm is Disco!

If you want to do this meme too, just follow the rules posted on Strawberry Singh’s web page here.

So here we go…

1. Which dance are you sharing in the image/video and where is it from? – I’m dancing the Ayane number 13 from Humanoid. I found it really cool and it kinda matched the song.

2. Which is your favorite dance in Second Life? – Besides the one I’m showing you, I think it will be the November 2013 group gift from MyAnimation

3. What are your favorite dance animation stores in Second Life? – I really like Humanoid, Akeyo, MyAnimation and Vista.

4. Are you a frequent dancer in Second Life? – I am. When I get bored in SL I usually go to latin clubs. I’m always looking for new places to go and enjoy music and meet new people.

5. Are you a frequent dancer in the real world? – I am. As I said before I dance salsa professionally. Sadly I can’t do that right now because of work and university, but I’m starting dancing again in a couple of months. Even though I love to dance I’m not a club person in RL, I rather go to a bar have a drink and enjoy good music.

Let's Groove

Hair: Shine by Magika – Sabina Gully
Head: Slink Visage Head Becky by Slink – Siddean Munro
Head Skin Applier: Slink Visage Applier Romy 2 by Glam Affair – Aida Ewing at The Skin Fair
Hands: Victory by Slink – Siddean Munro
Shirt: Tetroz Tank by Lacuna – Lacunainc at The Deck
Skirt: Tetroz Maxi Skirt by Lacuna – Lacunainc at The Deck
Bangles: Sugar Candy by Maxi Gossamer – Maxi Gossamer


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