Pin Ups love Mustangs

I was bored today so I was wondering over the internet to learn new techniques on Photoshop. What I love about this program is that you’re not only able to edit pictures but to draw and create stuff like you do on Illustrator.

So I found this cool tutorial to do a background, but after I finished I came up with the idea of putting myself on it and wear a nice pin-up outfit from Has Been and complemented with this beautiful hair from Tableau Vivant both found at The Deck.

But shoes are always needed right? So I get the 2 for 1 offer for the March version of the 21 show that Hucci was offering . I’m so sorry to tell you that they are not available anymore as they were an exclusive only for that day. Anyways remember that every 21st day of every month you can pick up exclusive shoes from different designers but only for that day. If you want to keep updated just join the inworld group or visit their website.

Link to the group: secondlife:///app/group/307682c9-0315-d379-6cff-fd6bb560ad80/about (copy the link on the local chat and click on it, the group profile will show up)


Hair: Gloster Hair by Tableau Vivant (M4ri1yn Magic) at The Deck
Outfit: Pinup Playsuit by Has Been (Terrie Dreadlow) at The Deck
Shoes: Talasea Sandals by Hucci (Eboni Kahn) for 21Shoe (not available anymore)


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