Cake and Ice Cream

Hello Gorgeous! My mean twin sister and I went for some coffee but instead she gave me a piece of cake knowing I don’t like cake. She is very mean and you’ll see her around often. So be careful! :P

I came across a new store over the marketplace called PipOona and I found this cute dresses. So check it out! It’s nice to support new designers sometimes. :)

Here is the URL for PipOona Store over the marketplace

Cake and Ice Cream

Mean Nanny is wearing:

Hair: Road by Magika
Dress: Sumeer Drees Blue by PipOona
Bracelets: Milky Way Bracelets – Hawthorn RED by Mandala

Nice Nanny (me) is wearing:

Hair: Tomorrow by Magika
Dress: Sumeer Dress Turque by PipOona
Necklace: Isis Solar Magic by Maxi Gossamer
Bracelets: Indra painted stacked Bangles by Zaara

Have fun shopping! Xoxo :)


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